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Cover Based On Player Position

To effectively apply the defensive principle of Defensive Support, players in different positions must understand and fulfill their specific roles within the team.

Transition & Counter Attacks

Pressing: Forwards and attacking midfielders should press the opposition’s defense when they are in possession of the ball, disrupting their organization and forcing mistakes.

Tracking back: Attackers should track back and provide defensive cover when necessary, preventing the opposition from creating goal-scoring opportunities.

Quick transitions: Attackers should quickly transition from defense to attack, making penetrating runs to exploit gaps in the opposition’s defensive structure.

Counter-attacks: Attackers should be ready to initiate counter-attacks when the opportunity arises, using their speed and technical skills to break through the opposition’s defense.

Cover & Press

Covering: Midfielders should provide cover to defenders by filling in the gaps in the defensive line when necessary and making crucial tackles or interceptions.

Pressing: Midfielders should press the opposition when they are in possession of the ball, closing down their space and forcing them to make mistakes or play backwards.

Transition play: Midfielders should quickly transition from defence to attack, using their vision and passing abilities to initiate counter-attacks.

Defensive organization: Midfielders should communicate with their teammates to maintain a strong defensive structure and prevent counter-attacks by the opposition.

Intercept & Clear

Marking: Defenders should mark opposing players tightly, denying them space and preventing them from receiving the ball in dangerous areas.

Interception: Defenders should anticipate the opposition’s passes and intercept them to regain possession and initiate counter-attacks.

Clearing: Defenders should effectively clear the ball out of the danger area when necessary to alleviate pressure on the defense.

Communication: Defenders should communicate with their teammates to maintain a strong defensive structure and prevent defensive errors.

By understanding and executing their roles in applying Cover, players in different positions can work together to maintain a strong defensive structure, deny the opposition’s attacking opportunities, and initiate counter-attacks, effectively destabilizing the opposition’s offence.

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