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Round Robin Format

What Is A Round Robin?

A round-robin match format is a structure where each participant plays against every other participant in the tournament or during the match day. In a round-robin format, all teams or individuals are placed in a single group, and each team or individual plays a set number of matches against every other team or individual in the group.

Benefits Of The Round Robin

Overall, a round-robin format is a fair, exciting, and strategic way to organize a tournament, and it provides a more comprehensive assessment of each team’s abilities.

Round Robin Example

In this example, there are four teams, so each team will play three matches in total. The matches will be played in a predetermined order, and the team with the highest number of points at the end of all matches will be declared the winner.

To organize the matches efficiently, you can use a schedule that ensures that each team plays at a different time slot and against a different opponent in each round. 


Round 1: A vs. B – C vs. D

Round 2: A vs. C – B vs. D

Round 3: A vs. D – B vs. C

In this schedule, the first round has team A playing against team B, and team C playing against team D. In the second round, team A plays against team C, and team B plays against team D. In the third and final round, team A plays against team D, and team B plays against team C.

Match Length

Each match will last for a maximum of 20 minutes, allowing for a 5-minute break between each match. Therefore, the total time required for all matches would be approximately 60 minutes.

After all matches have been played, the points earned by each team will be tallied up. Typically, teams earn three points for a win, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss. If two or more teams have the same number of points, the winner will be determined by the goal difference, or if necessary, by a tiebreaker match.

Quick Guide To Running A Round Robin

  • Count Your players
  • Divide Into Equal Teams
  • Count The Number Of Teams And Subtract 1 This Is The Number Of Matches Or Rounds You Will Need In Your Given Time
  • Example If You Have 6 Teams – 1 = 5 Each Team Will Play 5 Matches
    If You Have An Hour That Would Be 12 Minutes Per Match
    * We Advise You Make The Matches 10 Minutes Giving Yourself A 2 Minute Break/Change Over Between Matches

Make life even easier by using the United Soccer Academy Tournament Manager to create your Round Robin Schedule, Enter your scores and calculate your league table

Switching The Teams

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