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How To Keep Possession

So if we do not want our players to kick the ball away every time it comes to them we need to teach them the different methods and techniques they can use to keep the ball and when a good time to use each method is.

Evasive Dribbling

Evasive Dribbling the ball, keeping it close: Evasive dribbling involves maneuvering the ball in tight spaces and around opponents using quick touches and body movements. The aim is to evade defensive pressure while maintaining possession of the ball. Technical Skills Required: Close ball control, change of pace, change of direction, balance, and footwork. Game Situations: This method is particularly useful when a player is faced with one or multiple opponents in tight spaces, such as near the sideline, in the corner, or in congested midfield areas.

Passing to a teammate

Passing to a teammate: Passing involves transferring the ball from one player to another, ensuring that possession is maintained within the team. It is a fundamental skill that promotes effective teamwork and fluid gameplay. Technical Skills Required: Accurate and well-weighted passes, timing, spatial awareness, and communication. Game Situations: Passing is utilized in almost every situation in soccer. Players can use short passes to retain possession in tight spaces, long passes to switch the field or initiate counterattacks, and through passes to create goal-scoring opportunities.

Shielding or hiding the ball:

Shielding or hiding the ball: Description and Explanation: Shielding involves a player using their body to protect the ball from an opponent, effectively keeping possession and allowing time for teammates to support or create space. Technical Skills Required: Body positioning, balance, strength, ball control, and spatial awareness. Game Situations: Shielding is often used when a player is under pressure from an opponent and there are no immediate passing options available. This tactic can be applied in various areas of the field, such as near the sidelines, in midfield battles, or when holding up the ball in the attacking third.

Running with the ball

Running with the ball: Description and Explanation: Running with the ball involves a player advancing up the field while maintaining possession, either to create space for teammates, initiate an attacking move, or exploit gaps in the opponent’s defence. Technical Skills Required: Ball control at speed, dribbling, vision, spatial awareness, and acceleration. Game Situations: Running with the ball can be employed when there is open space in front of a player, such as during a counterattack, when the opposition’s defence is disorganized, or when there is an opportunity to exploit a 1v1 situation and create a goal-scoring opportunity.

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