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Balance in the Game

What does Balance look like

balance in a soccer game is a crucial defensive principle. It involves each player understanding their roles and responsibilities on the field to maintain the team’s shape and prevent the opposition from exploiting space.

In the context of soccer, balance means maintaining defensive solidity while the team is attacking, and vice versa. It means there is a sufficient number of players positioned in defense to counteract opposition attacks while also possessing potential for quick transitions into attack when the ball is won back.

Now let’s use some specific scenarios to illustrate what it looks like when a team successfully executes the defensive principle of balance:

Technical Skills

To effectively implement Balance, players must possess the following technical skills:

Tackling: Players should be proficient in executing well-timed and clean tackles to dispossess opponents and regain possession.

Marking: The ability to closely mark opponents, anticipating their movements, and denying them space is crucial.

Clearing: Players must be able to effectively clear the ball from dangerous areas to relieve pressure on the defence.

Positioning: Maintaining proper defensive positions and understanding when to provide cover or support is essential.


Effective communication and teamwork are essential for successfully implementing Balance.

Use verbal cues: Players must communicate their intentions and positions to teammates to coordinate defensive movements and maintain a cohesive structure.

Employ non-verbal communication: Body language, such as pointing or signalling, can help convey information and synchronize movements on the field.

Be aware of teammates’ positions: Players should have a clear understanding of where their teammates are on the field to make effective decisions and maintain Balance.

Develop chemistry: Building a strong rapport and understanding among teammates will improve the fluidity and effectiveness of Balance implementation.

Tactical knowledge players need

To apply Concentration effectively, players must develop a strong understanding of the following tactical concepts:

Zonal and man-marking:
Players should know when to employ zonal or man-marking strategies to neutralize the opposition’s attacking threats.

Reading the game:
The ability to read the opposition’s attacking patterns and adjust defensive positioning accordingly is crucial for successful Balance.

Players must make quick decisions, such as when to step up, drop back, or cover a teammate, based on the dynamic nature of the game.

The ability to read the game and anticipate teammates’ and opponents’ movements is essential for maintaining Balance in the defensive structure.

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