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Get Away Quiz Quiz

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  1. Detail 3 benefits for the attacking team when players do not converge on the ball and 2 benefits for the defending tean when only one defender goes to the ball1

  2. Explain how a simple 4v1 rondo can help teach players the concept of not all running to the player with ball1

  3. Describe 3 problems that arise when multiple defenders try to go after the ball at the same time, describe what happens and what the outcomes are1

  4. Explain how the game becomes more difficult for a player who has the ball when several of their team mates come over and crowd around them1

  5. Describe a game with conditions or rules that you would use to try and help teach players not to all go running to the ball all the time. explain the rules or conditions and how they help achieve the objective of staying away from the ball1