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Session 16

Field Setup: Mark a playing area of appropriate size and shape for your group. The boundaries must be clear because stepping out makes a player a ‘zombie’.

Teams: Start with one player designated as the ‘Zombie’. Other players are ‘Survivors’ who will try to evade the ‘Zombie’.

Activity: The ‘Zombie’ chases the ‘Survivors’ within the playing area. When a ‘Survivor’ is tagged, they become a ‘Zombie’. The round ends when all players have been turned into ‘Zombies’. Start a new round with a different player as the original ‘Zombie’.

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Set up a grid where the players will do the activity, do not make the grid too large you want the players to have to keep the ball under close control. All Players will need a ball the goal is for the players to complete all of the ball mastery techniques whilst keeping their ball inside of the grid and not hitting any of the other players. When introducing the skills it should be done using Blocked practice first, followed by Serial practice and then Random practice. More info on these three phases is contained below.


  1. Toe Touches
  2. Foundations – Tik Toks
  3. Drag Back Touch Forwards
  4. Foundations – Tik Toks Sole Of Foot
  5. Scissor Drag Sideways
  6. Drag Back 1/4 Turn (inside Of Foot)
  7. Triangles – L Turn
  8. Drag Back Inside Foot Push
  9. Drag Back Outside Foot Push


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Field Setup: Create a rectangular playing area tailored to the participants’ age and skill level, with a small goal placed strategically at each corner. These goals challenge players to score from a range of angles within the space provided.

Teams: Organize the players into balanced teams in terms of skills. Each team occupies a specific side of the playing area, starting with a ball at each player’s feet, positioned to jump right into the drill.

Activity: The drill’s goal is for players to dribble toward any of the four goals to score, while keeping control of their ball and navigating through space among other players and potential defenders. The activity is designed to encourage players to utilize speed, dribbling skills, and spatial judgment effectively.

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Field Setup: Mark out a rectangular playing field with a start line at one end and an end line at the other. Ensure there’s enough space between the lines to challenge players’ dribbling skills.

Teams: One player starts as the defender, standing between the two lines. All other players, each with a ball, begin at the start line spread across the width of the field.

Activity: Players aim to dribble from the start to the end line without having their ball stolen by the defender. On reaching the end line, they must control and stop their ball, demonstrating close ball-handling skills. If dispossessed, they switch roles with the defender.

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Finish up your sessions with two 3v3 games. Make your 4 teams balanced and have them all play each other once rotation the teams every 5 minutes. You should be coaching the players on:
1. Don’t Kick The Ball Away When It Comes To You – Tell players they must take at least 2 touches or more every time they get the ball
2. Encourage Players To Get Away From Their Team Mates when they have the ball let them have space to play. Find your own space