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4 Goals 1 Defender


Field Setup: Create a rectangular playing area tailored to the participants’ age and skill level, with a small goal placed strategically at each corner. These goals challenge players to score from a range of angles within the space provided.

Teams: Organize the players into balanced teams in terms of skills. Each team occupies a specific side of the playing area, starting with a ball at each player’s feet, positioned to jump right into the drill.

Activity: The drill’s goal is for players to dribble toward any of the four goals to score, while keeping control of their ball and navigating through space among other players and potential defenders. The activity is designed to encourage players to utilize speed, dribbling skills, and spatial judgment effectively.

Coaching Principles

This activity focuses on improving players’ dribbling abilities, with an emphasis on quick decision-making, agility, ball control, and awareness. It pushes players to scan for open spaces, decide when to shield the ball, and seize scoring opportunities.

Coaching Points

Guide players to constantly assess the field and recognize the best times to advance or evade, fostering a balance between bold plays and maintaining possession.

Stress agility’s importance in dodging defenders using a variety of dribbling techniques, and encourage players to adjust their pace and direction responsively.

Highlight the need for close ball control and demonstrate how to shield the ball using body positioning while keeping an eye out for play development.

Reinforce regular scanning for better situational awareness, enabling players to make informed and quick decisions.

Variations & Progressions

Add a defender role to challenge the attackers, creating a more dynamic and game-like scenario.


Incorporate rounds of varying lengths to test quick thinking and sustained performance.

Vary starting positions to enhance players’ ability to orient quickly and act effectively from the onset.