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Bulldog - Octopus


Field Setup: Mark out a rectangular playing field with a start line at one end and an end line at the other. Ensure there’s enough space between the lines to challenge players’ dribbling skills.

Teams: One player starts as the defender, standing between the two lines. All other players, each with a ball, begin at the start line spread across the width of the field.

Activity: Players aim to dribble from the start to the end line without having their ball stolen by the defender. On reaching the end line, they must control and stop their ball, demonstrating close ball-handling skills. If dispossessed, they switch roles with the defender.

Coaching Principles

This activity is focused on developing players’ dribbling skills, including control, agility, and awareness, while under pressure from a defender.

Coaching Points

Encourage players to frequently look up and assess their surroundings, not just focusing on the ball.

Teach players to use quick changes in direction and speed to evade the defender, maintaining close control of the ball.

Stress the importance of stopping the ball near the end line to prevent it from going out of play, showcasing their ability to control the ball under pressure.

Variations & Progressions

Instead of swapping roles, have the dispossessed player join the defender, increasing the number with each round until only one player remains as the ‘champion’

Adjust the playing area to be narrower and longer, which presents a different challenge and requires players to use more controlled dribbling.

Create a starting and ending box, compelling players to maneuver within a confined space, focusing on precise dribbling and control.