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Zombie Tag


Field Setup: Mark a playing area of appropriate size and shape for your group. The boundaries must be clear because stepping out makes a player a ‘zombie’.

Teams: Start with one player designated as the ‘Zombie’. Other players are ‘Survivors’ who will try to evade the ‘Zombie’.

Activity: The ‘Zombie’ chases the ‘Survivors’ within the playing area. When a ‘Survivor’ is tagged, they become a ‘Zombie’. The round ends when all players have been turned into ‘Zombies’. Start a new round with a different player as the original ‘Zombie’.

Coaching Principles

Zombie Tag is a fun, dynamic game designed to improve players’ agility, spatial awareness, and evasion skills. Players must use quick thinking and fast footwork to stay in the game.

Coaching Points

Players must constantly scan the field to understand their positioning in relation to the ‘Zombie’ and other players.

Encourage creative movement, utilizing stop-starts, fakes, and changes of speed to evade being tagged.

Focus on quick, sharp movements to change direction efficiently, enabling players to avoid ‘Zombies’.

Variations & Progressions

Gradually increase the speed of the ‘Zombie’ from walking to jogging to sprinting in subsequent rounds to heighten the challenge.

Start with more than one ‘Zombie’ to increase difficulty, especially for more advanced players or larger groups.

Implement safe zones where players can rest for a maximum of 5 seconds, providing brief respite from being chased.