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Session 13

Create three lines for the players to run towards, making sure they are easy to understand and remember. Explain to the players which line is which. When giving instructions, tell them which lines to run to, how to reach them, how to stop, and how to return. All players will participate in the races and activities simultaneously.

– Sprint and stop on the line
– Sprint, touch the line and run back
– Start facing the wrong way turn sprint to the line and back
– Sprint forwards to a line > Back pedal on the way back
– Sprint to the other side and stop on one foot exactly on the end line and balance for 10 seconds
– Hop on one foot on the way there and the other foot on the way back
– Two footed jumps  
– Alternate foot hops
– High knee skipping

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– Toe Touches
– Foundations – Tik Toks
– Drag Back Touch Forwards
– Foundations – Tik Toks Sole Of Foot
– Scissor Drag Sideways
– Drag Back 1/4 Turn (inside Of Foot)
– Triangles – L Turn
– Drag Back Inside Foot Push
– Drag Back Outside Foot Push

Field Setup: Mark out a single, large grid that will serve as the playing area for all participating pairs. The dimensions should be such that multiple 1v1 games can occur simultaneously without too much interference, yet still challenging players to be aware of their surroundings beyond their immediate 1v1 matchup.

Teams: Players are paired up, ideally matching them by similar skill levels. Each pair consists of one player with a ball (the attacker) and one player without (the defender). All pairs will be playing inside the same large grid at the same time.

Activity: Within the grid, each attacking player’s goal is to keep possession of the ball away from their defending partner while navigating the space shared with other pairs. The defender’s objective is to win the ball. If the defender succeeds, they become the attacker and must keep the ball away from their partner. Play continues for a set amount of time, and whoever has the ball when time expires scores a point for that round.

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Field Setup: Designate a large, rectangular playing area and place four small-sized goals at each corner of the area. These goals are targeted by players to score from any angle within the playing field. Ensure that the size of the area is proportional to the number of players, allowing enough space for movement and challenge.

Teams: Organize the players into two or three evenly matched teams based on skill level. Each player starts with a ball at their feet. Teams should be positioned on different sides of the field to start the drill, with each team having a distinct starting point.

Activity: The objective is for each player to dribble their ball toward any of the four goals and score as quickly as possible. Players are free to choose any goal, navigating through the space while maintaining control of their ball. The drill encourages players to be quick, agile, and decisive, rewarding quick finishes and continuous play.

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Finish up your sessions with two 3v3 games. Make your 4 teams balanced and have them all play each other once rotation the teams every 5 minutes. You should be coaching the players on:
1. Don’t Kick The Ball Away When It Comes To You – Tell players they must take at least 2 touches or more every time they get the ball
2. Encourage Players To Get Away From Their Team Mates when they have the ball let them have space to play. Find your own space