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Physical Literacy 1


This is a quick physical literacy warm-up for young children before the session. This warm-up will include activities like simple running games, jumping, hopping, balancing exercises. These activities help in warming up their muscles, improving coordination, and preparing their bodies for the more demanding movements required in soccer. By engaging in a variety of fun, dynamic movements, children not only enhance their physical skills but also develop confidence, spatial awareness, and a sense of rhythm and timing.


Create three lines for the players to run towards, making sure they are easy to understand and remember. Explain to the players which line is which. When giving instructions, tell them which lines to run to, how to reach them, how to stop, and how to return. All players will participate in the races and activities simultaneously.

  1. Sprint and stop on the line
  2. Sprint, touch the line and run back
  3. Start facing the wrong way turn sprint to the line and back
  4. Sprint forwards to a line > Back pedal on the way back
  5. Sprint to the other side and stop on one foot exactly on the end line and balance for 10 seconds
  6. Hop on one foot on the way there and the other foot on the way back
  7. Two footed jumps  
  8. Alternate foot hops
  9. High knee skipping

Variations & Progressions

Have half the players start on one side of your grid and the other half on the opposite side of the grid they will do the races towards each other sometimes having to pass each other to get to the other side. Make sure they slow down a little to start and look around so they do not bumpa into each other. Start out slowly do not start with full speed going past each other.