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Session 15

Divide your players into pairs or groups of three for a relay race. Have them stand in a line, one after the other. Create three lines for them to run towards. Make sure these lines are easy to understand and remember. Explain to the players which line is which. When starting the race, tell them where to run, how to stop, and the way to return.

  1. Run there and back.
  2. Run there and backpedal back.
  3. Run there and stop on the line with two feet, turn and run back.
  4. Run there and stop on the line with one foot, turn and run back.
  5. Run there and stop with two feet on the line and backpedal back. 
  6. Any of the above but using a ball in their hands and they have to pass it off like a football handoff, rugby toss, bounce pass (basketball), or soccer throw in from farther away.



Set up a grid where the players will do the activity, do not make the grid too large you want the players to have to keep the ball under close control. All Players will need a ball the goal is for the players to complete all of the ball mastery techniques whilst keeping their ball inside of the grid and not hitting any of the other players. When introducing the skills it should be done using Blocked practice first, followed by Serial practice and then Random practice. More info on these three phases is contained below.


  1. Toe Touches
  2. Foundations – Tik Toks
  3. Drag Back Touch Forwards
  4. Foundations – Tik Toks Sole Of Foot
  5. Outside Of Foot Touch Drag Back
  6. V -Pulls Inside & Outside Foot
  7. Drag Backs Alternate Foot
  8. Sole Roles With Partner

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This is a fun dribbling relay race game played in teams of two or more. Try and keep your teams as small as possible so players get the most repetitions without too much waiting. If you have uneven numbers simply make players on the team with less players go more than once. All players start with a ball at the corner of the playing area. 

The first player in line dribbles their ball into the Drop Off Zone in the middle of the grid. They must stop their ball in the Drop Off Zone then they sprint back and tag the next player in line who repeats the task. The first team to have all their balls in the Drop Off Zone and are all back at their starting cone are the winners.

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Field Setup: Establish a rectangular playing area, with the length suitable for short sprints and the width allowing for lateral movement to evade defenders. On one width end, place four mini goals spaced evenly apart. On the opposite side, mark a starting line where all attackers with balls will line up.

Teams: All players except for two start as attackers, each with a ball at the starting line. The two players without balls begin as defenders in the space between the attackers and the goals.

Activity: Upon the coach’s signal “Go Score,” attackers aim to dribble across the field to score in one of the goals, while the defenders work to prevent goals by dispossessing the attackers. Defenders score points either by stealing the ball and dribbling it back over the attackers’ starting line or by passing the ball to the coach after a takeaway.

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Finish up your sessions with two 3v3 games. Make your 4 teams balanced and have them all play each other once rotation the teams every 5 minutes. You should be coaching the players on:
1. Don’t Kick The Ball Away When It Comes To You – Tell players they must take at least 2 touches or more every time they get the ball
2. Encourage Players To Get Away From Their Team Mates when they have the ball let them have space to play. Find your own space