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1v1 Multiple Goals


Field Setup: Establish a rectangular playing area, with the length suitable for short sprints and the width allowing for lateral movement to evade defenders. On one width end, place four mini goals spaced evenly apart. On the opposite side, mark a starting line where all attackers with balls will line up.

Teams: All players except for two start as attackers, each with a ball at the starting line. The two players without balls begin as defenders in the space between the attackers and the goals.

Activity: Upon the coach’s signal “Go Score,” attackers aim to dribble across the field to score in one of the goals, while the defenders work to prevent goals by dispossessing the attackers. Defenders score points either by stealing the ball and dribbling it back over the attackers’ starting line or by passing the ball to the coach after a takeaway.


Coaching Principles

Players are encouraged to maintain awareness of their surroundings while dribbling and to develop the ability to shoot on the move without stopping the ball. They should aim to outmaneuver the defenders using dribbling skills and quick decision-making to identify the best route to the goals.

Coaching Points

Instruct players to keep their heads up to better assess the field, identify open goals, and avoid running into other players. This increased awareness can help them spot defenders’ positions and choose the best path to the goal.

Encourage attackers to dribble with purpose, using controlled touches to keep the ball close when near defenders and accelerating into open spaces to create shooting opportunities.

Train attackers to shoot while in motion, encouraging them to strike the ball with proper technique to maintain balance and accuracy.

Teach attackers to perform quick cuts and changes of direction to evade defenders, emphasizing the importance of timing and body positioning to shield the ball.

Variations & Progressions

Increase or decrease the number of defenders based on the attackers’ success rate, providing a suitable challenge level.

Implement a shooting zone that attackers must enter before taking a shot to ensure they engage with the defenders before scoring.