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Skills Challenge: Dribble & Turn


The player starts in-between the first two cones which are 6 feet apart. The Player must dribble the
ball through the two cones at the opposite end, they must go over the red line and make a turn.
They will then dribble straight back through the two cones where they started and make a turn.
They will repeat this as many times as they can in 30 seconds..


Every time the player successfully goes through the set of cones at the end and makes a turn
without hitting either of the cones they score 1 point. If the player finishes halfway between the two sets when the time expires add a 1/2 point to their score.


If the players hits or knocks down a cone they do not score a point on that turn.
Player may dribble using either foot.
Players may use any type of turn they wish to change direction and come back.