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Pre Academy

Session 2

Tag is a fun and easy game for young children to play, and it’s perfect for indoor fun! First, we need to choose a safe, enclosed space where everyone can move around easily. This space is our special play area, and it’s important to stay inside its boundaries while we play. One child is chosen to be ‘The Tagger or It.’ This means they have to try to gently tag, or touch, the other children. 

Regular Tag: The player that gets tagged by ‘The Tagger,’ then you become the new ‘Tagger’. Remember, the most important rule is to always stay within our play area. This way, everyone can run and play safely without worrying about going too far. Let’s have fun playing tag and remember to respect our boundaries!”

Freeze Tag: In this version, when a player is tagged by ‘The Tagger,’ they must freeze in place, standing still like a statue. They remain frozen until another player who is not ‘It’ crawls between their legs to unfreeze them. The game continues until all players are frozen or until a set time limit is reached.

Join The Tagger: In this version, when a player is tagged by ‘The Tagger,’ they must join the Tagger and help them tag more players The game continues until all players are frozen or until a set time limit is reached.

Set up a grid where the players will do the activity, do not make the grid too large you want the players to have to keep the ball under close control. All Players will need a ball the goal is for the players to complete all of the ball mastery techniques whilst keeping their ball inside of the grid and not hitting any of the other players. 


Toe Touches
Foundations – Tik Toks
Drag Back Touch Forwards
Tik Tok Sole Roles Sideways
Scissor Drag Sideways
Drag Back 1/4 Turn (inside Of Foot)
Triangles – L Turn
Drag Back Inside Foot Push
Drag Back Outside Foot Push
Sole Roles With Partner


Repeat the same skill focus on teaching good technique and the player starting to master the skill.
Do 30 repetitions.
How many can you do in 30 seconds.
Go slow speed, go medium speed and go fast.
Vary the speeds.
Add in Freeze and Go commands.


Pick 4 skills and do them in order
Repeate the sequence slowly 4 times
How Many times can we do it ion 60 seconds
Pick another 4 skills and repeat
Pick another 4 skills repeat


Create a sequence of skills then change it for the next sequence keep changing it.
Let the players come up with their own random sequences for everyone to copy.
Call out random skills for the players to do.


The relay race is a team activity where each member completes a segment of a race before passing on the baton (or, in our case, a ball) to the next team member. This activity is particularly beneficial for young soccer players as it enhances their physical literacy – the ability to move with competence and confidence in a variety of physical activities. For very young players with developing coordination, pairing them in relays simplifies the concept. When one player runs, the other waits, making it easier for them to grasp the idea of taking turns. This structure reduces the complexity that comes with larger teams, where tracking multiple players and understanding when to run can be more challenging for young minds.


Click Here For Full Activity Guide >


Set up a playing grid that is suitable for the number of players you have and the ability levels. Have all of the players except one start with a ball. The players with the balls must dribble inside of the grid and try not to let the one player without the ball steal their ball from them. When the player without the ball steals a ball from one of the other players they take that ball and it becomes theirs and the player who lost their ball must go and try and steal a ball from a different player. They can NOT steal the ball back from the player that took their ball.

With your youngest most beginner players you can start this game with the coach being the stealer so you can control the level of opposition and pressure.

Click Here For Full Activity Guide >

Finish up your sessions with two 3v3 games. Make your 4 teams balanced and have them all play each other once rotation the teams every 5 minutes. You should be coaching the players on: 1. Don’t Kick The Ball Away When It Comes To You – Tell players they must take at least 2 touches or more every time they get the ball 2. Encourage Players To Get Away From Their Team Mates when they have the ball let them have space to play. Find your own space