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Physical Literacy 2


This warm-up will include a variety of rely races in teams with simple running games, jumping, hopping, balancing exercises and some have incorporated a ball. These activities help in warming up their muscles, improving coordination, and preparing their bodies for the more demanding movements required in soccer. By engaging in a variety of fun, dynamic movements, children not only enhance their physical skills but also develop confidence, spatial awareness, and a sense of rhythm and timing.


Divide your players into pairs or groups of three for a relay race. Have them stand in a line, one after the other. Create three lines for them to run towards. Make sure these lines are easy to understand and remember. Explain to the players which line is which. When starting the race, tell them where to run, how to stop, and the way to return.

  1. Run there and back.
  2. Run there and backpedal back.
  3. Run there and stop on the line with two feet, turn and run back.
  4. Run there and stop on the line with one foot, turn and run back.
  5. Run there and stop with two feet on the line and backpedal back. 
  6. Any of the above but using a ball in their hands and they have to pass it off like a football handoff, rugby toss, bounce pass (basketball), or soccer throw in from farther away.

Variations & Progressions

Run your relay races from the corners of a rectangle to a cone in the middle of your rectangle. Players run to the middle and touch the cone or must run around the cone and back to the next player in line.

Run your relay race around a circle with the first player having to go around the entire circle and back to the next player or spread players out to form a relay run in legs like a 4 x 100 meter race