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Pass & Move Endzone


Field Setup: Outline a rectangular playing area and designate two endzones at either end of the grid. The size of the grid should be large enough to allow multiple teams to operate simultaneously without interference.

Teams: Divide players into teams of 3 or 4, with each team assigned one ball. Teams will work within the same grid but will be focused on moving their ball from one endzone to the other.

Activity: Each team starts in an endzone and aims to pass the ball as a unit to the opposite endzone while navigating through the other teams doing the same. Players are not allowed to dribble; they must receive the ball and remain stationary before passing. The goal is to reach the far endzone with controlled and consecutive passes.

Coaching Points

Instruct players to receive the ball with their body open to the field, positioning themselves in such a way that the first touch directs the ball slightly forward. This posture facilitates quicker play and helps players maintain a broader view of the playing area, making it easier to identify the next passing option.

Once a player passes the ball, they should immediately move towards the target endzone to support the progression of play. Encourage players to move into spaces that are not occupied by other teams, calling for the ball when in a good position to help advance their team down the grid.

Players must be aware of the movements of not only their own team but also the positioning of the other teams. They should anticipate where space will open up and position themselves accordingly to receive the next pass or to offer support.

  • Emphasize the need for players to communicate clearly and coordinate their movements as a unit. Players should call for the ball and use hand signals or body language to indicate where they want the ball played.

Coaching Principles

The activity is designed to refine players’ passing and receiving skills, emphasizing the importance of body positioning and movement without the ball. Players must receive the ball with an open body stance, enabling them to see the field and play the next pass forward effectively. The emphasis is on precision and timing of passes, as well as intelligent movement to progress the ball towards the target endzone.

Variations & Progressions

The first team to get the ball into the other endzone gets the Gold medal. Add some passing minimum rules so each player is involved. Each player must make two passes or three and you cant pass to the same person more than once in a row.

Set a time limit for the teams and see how many times they can reach each endzone passing the ball between the team. Each time they get the ball into the endzone they get a point. Every player has to make at least one pass befor the ball gets into the opposite endzone

Instead of having the teams all start together in the endzone have the players spread out and start across the endzone so they have to find their teams mates and make passes with more players in the way.



Make the activity a little more difficult by determining where each team has to get their ball in the endzone. Make sure the teams have to cross each other in the playing area to create more chaos and obstructions.


In this version you have one player from each team start at a different cone and they must stay in their lane. The team has to pass the ball from one end to the other all players must make at least 2 passes and the players have to stay spread out across the three lanes.