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Pass & Move Corners


Put your players into several teams you will need at least 2 players per team but 3 or 4 is optimal. Create three corner zones and place 1 team in each of the corner zones to start with 1 ball between them. Players work in their teams to complete passes together and move from box to box with a variety of rules and conditions. The activity starts out unopposed and can then progress to have opposition depending on the group.

Variations & Progressions


Each player must make 5 passes inside of their corner box without the ball leaving the box. If the ball leaves the box they must restart first team to finis is the winner. Repeat this and have the players use their other foot or a specific part of the foot for passing and receiving.


In this variation the teams must move the ball from one corner zone to another have all the teams move clockwise in the same direction. You will add in certain rules such as:
How many passes each team must make before they get to the next corner zone
Using one touch passes
They must pass to each other in the same order

In this variation two teams have to switch corner boxes and avoid each as they go from one side to the other. Their ball must not hot the teams ball or any of the other teams players. Turn this into a race, you can make the teams switch, go to the other box and back, get creative. Add in time limits and minimum number of passes for each player to complete.


In this variation the teams have to move the ball from their corner box to the box that is diagonally opposite to them. They must go make a pass that goes through the middle gray box or an area in the middle of the playing grid we want them to have to avoid lots of obstacles as they move from one box to the other. All four teams are going from box to box at the same time.

In the final variation you will take one of the teams and they will become the opposition. The other teams will rty to get the ball from one box to another without any of the opposition stealing their ball. If any of the defending team steals a ball they must get it back into the centre box to win a point. The opposition team can split up or work together. They will switch with whichever teams ball they can steal.

Coaching Points

Pass then Move: Once you have made a pass move past the ball down the playing grid towards the endzone

Scan the Field: Look around as you are moving so you can see the best space to go to make sure your team mate with the ball can see you and pass you the ball with no other player blocking the pass

Look Where You Are Passing The Ball: Look at your team mate when you are passing the ball to make sure there are no players in the way, maybe also call out your team mates name and make sure they know you are passing the ball to them so they are ready

Point Your Body At Your Target: Face your body at your team mate when you pass the ball and try to give the ball to them on the floor at a good speed and right to their feet