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Multiple Dribbling Defender Rondo


Start with two defenders in the middle of the playing area and the rest of your players on the outside of the area. The two defenders in the middle must dribble around and try and block the passes that the players on the outside of the grid are making. Select 2 or 3 dribbling defenders and play for rounds of 3 minutes switching the players who are the defenders every round so everyone gets a chance to play both roles in the game.

Variations & Progressions

Make the activity a little more difficult by adding in additional balls for the players on the outside of the grid. They will need to not only try to avoid the dribbling defenders but also have to make sure they only pass to a team mate that does not already have a ball or is getting ready to receive a ball.


This is a fun variation so instead of playing with the same dribbling defenders for a set time everytime a players making a pass has the ball blocked they then go get a ball and become a dribbling defender in the middle. So as the game goes on it becomes progressively harder for the remaining players on the outside to complete passes as their are more players that they have to avoid. The winners are the two players that are left at the end, these two players then start the next round as the dribbling defenders.

In this variation the players who are trying to make passes must play inside of the grid and not let the ball leave the playing grid. Encourage players to move inside the grid and also dribble the ball a little when needed.

Turn this activity into a team game. Split your players into two teams. One team will all be dribbling defenders and the other team will be the passers. The team of passers must make as many passes as they can inside the grid without hitting the dribbling defenders. Every interception or block the dribblers get is worth a point and every 3 passes made is worth a point play up to 5 points then the teams switch roles.

Coaching Points

Encourage players to keep their heads up and be aware of their surroundings. This includes not only tracking the position of defenders but also being aware of where their teammates are and where space is opening up on the field. Good vision allows for more effective and safer passing options.

Emphasize the need for constant communication among the players. Calling for the ball, indicating where they are moving to, or even directing a teammate to pass to another player can significantly improve the team’s ability to keep the ball away from defenders.

Instruct players to constantly adjust their positions. They should move to create passing angles and options for the player with the ball, making it harder for defenders to predict and intercept passes. This movement off the ball is crucial for maintaining possession.

Stress the importance of accurate and well-weighted passes. Players should focus on passing the ball firmly enough to reach their teammate quickly but not so hard that it becomes difficult to control. This precision will help in keeping the ball away from the defenders.

Encourage players to make quick decisions with the ball. They should constantly scan the field, anticipate their teammates’ movements, and decide rapidly where to pass the ball. This helps in avoiding interceptions by the defenders.