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Session 17

Field Setup Set up two playing areas in a shape that suits your preference—a rectangle, square, or circle. Ensure the size is appropriate for the age and physical ability of your players, with flexibility to adjust if the activity seems too difficult or too easy for the defenders.

Teams Split your players into two teams of 6 and put them in different colour pinnies.

Activity Send 2 players from each team to the opposite playing grid to be the defenders they will play for 4 minutes. The teams in possession must count the most passes they make in a row whichever team gets the most scores a point for their team, The defenders return to their home rondo and 2 new players go and become the defenders for the next round. Repeat until all players have a turn being the defenders and you have a winning rondo team.

Teams of 3 make sure all teams play each other within your 15 minute so switch teams every 5 minutes

Coaching Point:
Create width and depth whenever you have the ball by having players wide and deep.

Field Setup: Create a rectangular playing area and divide it into two equal halves. This will serve as two distinct zones for the activity.

Teams: Two teams of three players each. One team starts with the ball in their designated half while the other team sends one player to apply pressure and attempt to steal the ball.

Activity: The team with the ball must keep possession within their half of the grid while evading the opposing player. Upon a successful steal, the defending player quickly passes the ball back to their side and re-joins their teammates to maintain possession against one player from the other team who will now attempt to steal.

Add Difficulty: For your older groups you can add two target players at end of each zone and play 5v5. Make the space bigger and send 2 defenders at a time to go win the ball

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6v6 game with Goalkeepers. The Goalkeeper must touch the ball before the team can score. everytime the team wins possession they must involve the goalkeeper before they can go and score. This teaches our players to secure the ball and also that the game is multi directional.

As the game progresses add a progression where the goalkeeper when they receive the ball must bring the ball out and they become an outfield player and one of their team mates must react and go replace them to become the new goalkeeper.