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Junior Session 19

Activity: Create four boxes using different coloured cones so they are easily identifiable for the players and also place a couple of small goals at end of you playing area. The different colour boxes and goals will be used to make your ball mastery activity more fun and dynamic. All players start with a ball in one of the colored box. On your signal, players perform the designated skills inside their box, ensuring they combine different techniques and add movement to avoid staying stationary. At your call, players dribble their ball to a different color box, performing a new set of skills.

Occasionally, instruct players to dribble towards one of the goals, score, and then either return to their original box or proceed to a new one. Encourage players to incorporate skills while moving between boxes and goals.

Skills List

  1. Outside Of Foot Touch Drag Back
  2. V -Pulls Inside & Outside Foot
  3. Drag Backs Alternate Foot
  4. Sole Roles With Partner
  5. Drag Back 180 Turn
  6. Step Over With Drag
  7. Fake Sideways Touch Other Way
  8. Drag Back In A Circle

Variations & Progressions

  • Transition between boxes:
    • Dribble at speed with close ball control.
    • Practice feints and changes of direction.
    • Perform a series of ‘V’ cuts or ‘L’ drills while moving.
    • Include a skill move like step-overs or maradonas before entering the new box.

  • Scoring goals:
    • Before shooting, have players execute a set of quick-fire touches, like bell taps.
    • Encourage a skill challenge like a drag-back or a fake shot before scoring.
    • Set up mini-obstacles for players to maneuver around before taking a shot.

  • Variations to add complexity:
    • Use weaker foot only when moving between boxes or scoring goals.
    • Combine two or more skills in a fluid sequence while maintaining ball control.
    • Time challenges: players must reach a certain number of touches or complete a circuit within a time frame.

Field Setup: Mark out a single, large grid that will serve as the playing area for all participating pairs. 

Teams: Players are paired up, each pair has a ball between them. Two players are the Dribbling Devils they both have a ball.

Activity: Within the grid, the players in pairs must dribble their ball and pass to each other without the ball leaving the playing area. The two Dribbling Devils must dribble their balls around the playing area and try and get on the way of the pairs who are trying to make passes to each other. They should try and dribble between the pairs who are trying to pass. The Dribbling Devils score a point every time they block a pass. Play for 2 or 3 minutes then change up your Dribbling Devils.

Coaching Points

  • Ask players when is a good time to pass and when is not?
  • Show players how they need to try and dribble and not look at the ball, they need to to look around to see Where their partner is and where the Dribbling Devils are


Directional: Have the pairs of players have to go from one side to another or corner to corner.

2v2 Games

Put your players into teams of 2 ideally you will have 3 teams of 2 playing on 3 mini pitches. If you do not have perfect numbers make teams of 2 and then create a 1v1 or jump into a game yourself avoid making teams of 3. In these games we want to coach two things only. Switch the teams around every 4 minutes.

1. Do Not Kick The Ball Away
Each player must take a minimum of two touches every time they receive the ball no booting it away.

2. Get Away From Your Team Mate
Coach the player who does not have the ball everytime they start to run over to their team mate who has the ball. To start it doen’t matter where they go we have to create the habit of getting away. The second stage will be coaching where to go but at this point we want to create the habit of moving away.


This is a fun dribbling relay race game played in teams of two or more. Try and keep your teams as small as possible so players get the most repetitions without too much waiting. If you have uneven numbers simply make players on the team with less players go more than once. All players start with a ball at the corner of the playing area. 

The first player in line dribbles their ball into the Drop Off Zone in the middle of the grid. They must stop their ball in the Drop Off Zone then they sprint back and tag the next player in line who repeats the task. The first team to have all their balls in the Drop Off Zone and are all back at their starting cone are the winners.

Once the players have Dropped Off all the balls in the Drop Off Zone you  can leave all the ball there and play the revers of this game which is Pick Up. The players start at their home cones without a ball. The first player sprints out collects a ball and dribbles back to the home cone they tag the next player who goes and Picks Up a ball and so on. First team to all have a ball back at the starting cone wins


How To Dribble: Tell the players how they must dribble the ball in the game. Is it right foot only or alternate foot? Make them use the sole of the foot, the outside of the foot or the inside of the foot.

Pick Up Battle: Start with balls in the Pick Up Zone but you will have one or two more balls than you have players. The players will have to work quickly to get as many balls as they can the team who has the most balls at the end of the game is the winner