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Windsor, Essex & Lakeshore

2023-24 High School Girls Soccer Academy

Enrolment Now Open Accepting 20 Girls

The 2023-24 Soccer Academy year is on the horizon, set to kick-off this coming September. As we continue our commitment to providing a high-quality soccer education and experience, we will be opening enrolment for any remaining spaces to new players in mid July once we have confirmed which player are returning from last year, if we have space available now we will let you know. To receive the 2023-24 Academy information and make your application ahead of time please join the Early Enrolment list and we will email you the Academy info package and you can make your application early. Spaces are limited to ensure the quality of instruction and attention each player receives. We have a very limited number of spaces remaining as we only accept 128 players per Academy year and many of these are taken by returning players. Spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis all players are accepted without tryouts required.

Early Enrolment List

Please complete the form below to join the Early Enrolment list, we will email you the 2023-24 Academy Enrolment Info package, where you can explore the complete overview and details of our exciting 2023-24 Soccer Academy program including information about our locations, training schedule, days of the week, academy year calendar, teams and leagues, as well as our philosophy and approach to youth soccer.. Please take a moment to complete the form below.

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About Us

We offer a principle based curriculum for grade school age players we help players improve their individual technical skills and at the same time learn how to play the game in a fun and motivating environment. All players are afforded the same high level of coaching/instruction and get an equal number of sessions and are coached by all of our Academy coaches. Come learn How to play in a fun, fluid and competitive program. If you want more than recreational level instruction but without the high cost and commitment of travel teams then we are a great choice for your player.

NO Tryouts

We decided several years ago that tryouts just had to go. They are not needed if your goal is to develop young players and not just select the best and cut the rest. We need to lower the pressure we put on our young players - tryouts are a negative experience for most young players. In addition, it's very difficult to identify talent at a young age and predict what a player will be like down the road. The best 7 year old is not always the best 9 year old and so on. We take players on a first come first served basis. Our job is to help them improve, not exclude them before they have a chance.

NO Politics

All of our Academies are independently owned and operated under our license. We do not have boards of directors or anyone who influences the day to day soccer operations of our Academies and makes decisions based on their preferences. All decisions we make are based on what is best for the players at our Academies - that is who we are accountable to. So if something needs to be changed to make the experience better for the players, we change it. There is nothing holding us back and no backroom politics involved.

NO Labels

Another thing we have decided to eliminate at our Academies are the labels we place on groups of players such as "Recreational, Travel, Competitive and Elite". All players play recreationally. All players travel. All players are competitive by nature and none of them are elite. At our Academies, everyone is simply an Academy player. We are all part of the same organization. We don't need to be separating and labelling players based on perceived ability or most usually how much parents are willing or able to pay.

Variety, Fun, Challenging

We believe young players need lots of variety to develop their game and keep their focus. We want players to have the opportunity to mix with as many players at our Academies as possible to avoid having them stuck and limited to the same group of players every training session and game. We provide variety by having them play with their friends, with older players, younger players, better players and less experienced players. This is a more exciting environment that both helps them to develop their game and character.


We try to eliminate any necessary costs to keep our Academies as affordable as possible. So you won't find any fancy kit packages costing hundreds of dollars and there are no hugely expensive team fees either. Fees are for providing educated coaches and to improve what we teach and how we teach it. Less bells and whistles with more training and more playing for an affordable price. Monthly payments are available at our locations.

Less Travel

The amount of time players are spending in the car travelling to games at young ages in the quest for higher levels of competition just makes no sense to us. Young players need to play more, not travel more. Our approach is to organize more matches and play internally at our Academies and supplement this with some external matches and events. The great thing about internal competition is we are able to make every match fun and fair, and we can give individual players higher competition levels by letting them play with higher skill level players.

Parents Are Partners

As far as we are concerned, you the parent, are part of the team. We can't develop players on our own, the more you can help, the better. Whether it's learning about what we are teaching and why, supporting us with positive reinforcement, or encouraging and practicing with your player outside of scheduled practices - we want to help you to help your player. We believe in communication with our players' parents - the more you know what we we are trying to do, the more you can be an ally for us.

All Players Are Equal

We take a different approach to most teams and clubs. Every player regardless of age, gender or ability has the same access to our training sessions, matches and coaches. We don't assign our best coaches to the higher ability players and the higher ability players do not get more sessions or resources. All of our Junior players get access to the same number of sessions and match days. All players regardless of ability, gender or age also get coached by our best coaches as we rotate our coaches to work with all groups.

Standard Pricing

Just in the same way we treat all players equally and provide the same access to programs and coaches, we also take the same approach to our pricing. Our Academies operate under a membership pricing model. There are a few different levels of membership available at each Academy based on the number of training sessions you want to receive each week and the length of commitment you are making. All internal Academy matches and games are included in your membership.


Coach Allocation

At many soccer clubs and programs the highest qualified coaches are assigned to the players deemed to have the highest ability or to the players who can afford to pay the most. We think thats fundamentally wrong at the Junior Ages. Our approach is different, we believe in having all of our coaches involved in coaching all of our players regardless of their age or ability. Our coaches work as a team and are responsible for the development of all players at our academies so they will rotate and work with all groups , all ages and all abilities. This ensures the best coaching resources we have are allocated equally and fairly to give every player the benefit of the best coaching we have to offer.

Coach Standards

Every coach that coaches at a United Soccer Academy is required to complete our Academy Coaching Course which consists of 10 hours of classroom theory and instruction and also 10 hours of on-field practical instruction. We believe in an approach where we look to maximize the potential of what every single coach can do and raise the standards for every coach rather than catering to the lowest level. Our goal is to try and raise the standard of our newest beginner coaches as quickly as possible. We ant to ensure that every coach who is working with players at our Academy is following our Junior Development plan and providing a fun learning experience for the players.

Coach Education

Every coach that coaches at a United Soccer Academy is required to complete our Academy Coaching Course which consists of 10 hours of classroom theory and instruction and also 10 hours of on-field practical instruction. Our Academy course is specific to our curriculum and methodology at our Academies and is based around the universal Principles of Play. By bringing our coach education in-house we have been able to dramatically lower the cost of coaching certification and offer more new coaches the opportunity to start coaching.

Academy Reviews

Early Enrolment

Please complete the form, we will add you to the Early Enrolment list and email the 2023-24 Info package out to you.

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Player Development

Developing young soccer players is a complex task and there are many factors outside of the curriculum and activities that are used to teach the game. At United Soccer Academies, we have detailed all the factors that affect and influence a player’s development and we have put this into our own player development model. The different factors are dialled up or down depending on which stage of development an individual player as at and what they need to help them keep progressing. What we have found is that the coaches & curriculum only play a limited part in a player’s development. At the younger ages it’s actually all the other factors and we combine them – that helps development and keeps players in the game.

Our Philosophy

Coaching Pools

Our Academy coaching staff work as a collaborative team and are involved with as many players at different age groups as possible. This fosters a club atmosphere and gives players a chance to learn from all of our Academy coaches from top to bottom.

Standard Programming

All players in your Academy should get the same soccer experience that is designed to help them learn the game and improve. All players get access to the same programming. The program is designed with player development in mind not simply gaining registrations.

Training Groups

Our model uses Training Groups which allow players to experience different levels of challenge throughout the season. Players have the opportunity to train with a variety of players and at different levels throughout the course of the season not be locked into one group.

Equal Opportunity

We believe that we should be providing all players the same high standard of coaching and access to the same programs. Every player regardless of age, gender or ability should be able to participate in the same amount and quality of soccer as the next player.

Varied Game Formats

Game formats are not designed for the adult spectators or the coaches, they are used to provide the most enjoyment and best learning opportunities for the players. The game formats are designed to encourage learning the principles of how we play soccer and maximize player involvement.

Player First Team Second

Every player comes before the team. At the grassroots stage the focus must be on each individual player and developing their understanding of the key principles of "HOW" we play soccer, not on creating teams that win at any cost without using the key principles of HOW to play.

Get More Info

Please complete the form, we will add you to the Early Enrolment list and email the 2023-24 Info package out to you.

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About Us

At the heart of our approach is an advanced, principle-based curriculum that intricately melds with a strong emphasis on honing individual technical skills—all set within a vibrant, high-performance environment that’s both fun and invigorating. Every player, regardless of their stature in the program, receives the same caliber of elite coaching and personalized instruction. Boasting over a decade of unparalleled excellence, our Junior Academies program stands as one of the most expansive and successful in the region. With four thriving locations and proprietary Academy leagues, our reputation precedes us. Our high school girls team and program represent the culmination of our ambition: delivering a fully funded, high-performance team environment exclusively for high school girls.

Should You Come Play?

At United Soccer Academies, we recognize every player’s unique journey and respect the choices they make. We understand some players are committed to other teams and that’s perfectly alright! Our Fall league offers matches when others don’t, serving as a fantastic opportunity for those looking to continue their competitive soccer journey during this season. We’re not in the business of dictating your soccer affiliations. Our primary concern is your growth, dedication, and love for the game. If you choose to make our program your primary or sole soccer experience, we’re thrilled! If you see us as an additional avenue to develop your skills, we welcome you with the same enthusiasm.

We believe in inclusivity and opportunity. No politics, no restrictions—just pure soccer. So, regardless of where else you play or train, as long as you meet our standards and share our passion, there’s a spot for you here.

Tryouts Until October 13th

Our tryouts will be held until October 13th with any final player selections done by October 14th. As we see players that meet our criteria they will be offered and space and signed to the team. Each week will have a different focus allowing us to provide individualized feedback in numerous areas. We are only accepting 16 Girls born 2007, 2008 & 2009 into the Academy Team Squad for the Fall Indoor League which will be played against Michigan High School teams in November & December. Girls must be an intermediate/high level to be accepted onto the squad and play on this team. We have currently signed 7 Girls to the Squad for the Fall Team there are 9 Spaces still up for grabs.

A Quick Overview


Training will be be twice a week and will be held in the Windsor area, we will train outdoors under floodlights till November then move indoors after this. We are currently looking at several indoor options.

League Matches

League matches are 11v11 indoors. We will be playing in a Michigan based league competing against Michigan High School teams. All games are at the same indoor venue which is a 40 minute drive from Windsor.

Kicking Off

Tryouts will run until October 13th with weekly training commencing as soon as we have selected our 16 player squad. League matches will commence November and run until around December 23rd.

We will be offering more training and team programming throughout 2024 this will be driven by the team and players as much as the coaching staff.