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Chatham Soccer Academy

2024-25 Enrolment Information

2024-25 Enrolment Now Open Very Limited Spaces


Welcome to United Soccer Academies! Our academy offers a travel team-based program for boys and girls born between 2011 and 2016. With several locations in Windsor, Lakeshore, and Chatham, each of our academies is structured and operates uniformly, ensuring consistent quality and experience across all teams and programs.

In addition to our teams, we also run our own Fall and Spring Academy Travel Team Leagues. All our Academy Travel teams participate in these leagues, providing a cohesive and competitive environment for all players. Each location supports between 4 to 6 teams, and every player who enrols is guaranteed a spot on one of the teams—no tryouts required. Our unique position as both team and league operators allows us to maintain high standards of training and ensure excellent conduct from coaches and spectators alike. This commitment to excellence creates a more enjoyable and supportive environment for our players.

Spaces are limited due to our commitment to providing personalized attention and high-quality training. Enrolment is on a first-come, first-served basis, so we encourage early registration to secure your child’s place on one of our Academy teams


Chatham Christian School

Keil Drive Soccer Fields

McNaughton Public School

Tecumseh Public School

Academy Season Calendar

At United Soccer Academies, our program runs continuously throughout the year, aligning with the school calendar to provide a seamless and consistent training experience for all players.

Start and End: The Academy year begins in September and concludes at the end of June, with scheduled breaks during the Christmas holiday and March Break and Summer break. This ensures a continuous development program rather than separate, optional seasons.

September: Outdoor practices Monday & Wednesday Academy League Matches Saturday

October: Outdoor practices Monday & Wednesday Academy League Matches Saturday

November: Indoor practices Monday & Wednesday 

December: Indoor practices Monday & Wednesday Christmas Break December 20th to January 6th

January: Indoor practices Monday & Wednesday

February: Indoor practices Monday & Wednesday

March: Indoor practices Monday & Wednesday March Break No Practices 17th to 21st

April: Outdoor practices Monday & Wednesday Academy League Matches Saturday

May: Outdoor practices Monday & Wednesday Academy League Matches Saturday

June: Outdoor practices Monday & Wednesday 


At United Soccer Academies, our practices are meticulously designed to teach players the fundamental principles of soccer in an engaging and effective manner. We utilize a series of rondo exercises, positional-based games (JDP), and games with constraints to in-still essential principles of play. This approach ensures that players learn within the context of the game, enhancing their understanding and application of skills in real match scenarios. 

Through these activities, players develop crucial individual skills such as receiving, dribbling, passing, and shooting. By integrating these skills into game-like situations, we move away from outdated methods of isolated drills, which do not effectively translate to improved performance on the field. Our method ensures that each player can reach their full potential in a cohesive and dynamic learning environment.

Practice Schedule

Fall (September – October)
Held outdoors twice a week on Monday & Wednesday

Winter (November – March)
Teams move indoors for continued training, held midweek 1-2 per week. Monday & Wednesday

Spring (April – June)
Resuming outdoors practices are twice a week on Monday & Wednesday



United Soccer Academy League

League Schedule

Fall (September – October)
Every Saturday through September and October each teams games are at at consistent time with just the location changing 

Winter (November – March)No Weekend Games Scheduled

Spring (April – June)
Every Saturday through April and May each teams games are at at consistent time with just the location changing 

League Match Locations

The essence of our soccer program lies in practicing as a team and then competing against unfamiliar opponents, which requires some travel. We strive to minimize travel, but league matches are held across Lakeshore, Chatham, and Windsor. 

Typically, each team will have 2 matches in Windsor, 2 matches in Chatham, and 4 matches in Lakeshore during both the Fall and Spring leagues. Families must be willing to travel to these locations for matches.

At United Soccer Academies, our Academy Travel Leagues are designed to provide an optimal playing experience for all our participants. The leagues run for 8 weeks in the Fall (September and October) and 8 weeks in the Spring (April and May). These periods are chosen to ensure outdoor play in favourable weather conditions, as the intense heat of summer is not conducive to peak performance. This aligns with professional soccer practices, where few leagues operate during the hottest months.

Commitment to the Academy
When players join our Academy, they are committing to both practice with and play on one of our Academy Travel teams. Participation in all league matches is expected unless a player is unwell and unable to play. This commitment ensures that each player benefits fully from the team-based structure of our program.

Conduct and Environment
We run our leagues with strict codes of conduct for both coaches and spectators. There is a no coaching from the sidelines policy that must be adhered to, fostering a positive and supportive environment. Our coaches collaborate across teams, avoiding the confrontational nature seen in other travel leagues. This collaborative approach ensures the development of all players and promotes a healthy, enjoyable atmosphere where players can express themselves and flourish.

Game Formats
Our leagues utilize smaller game formats (5v5, 7v7, and 9v9), designed to maximize player engagement and involvement in the game. These formats help players develop their skills more effectively by ensuring they are constantly active and participating in the action.

Who Is The Academy For

Boys and Girls Born 2011-2016: Our program is tailored for children who want to play and learn soccer year-round, ensuring continuous development and enjoyment of the sport. 

Parents Who Prioritize High-Quality Coaching
We cater to parents seeking a professional educational environment where their children receive top-tier coaching. Our emphasis is on fair treatment and providing equal opportunities for success and inclusion.

Investment In Coaching
Focus on Coaching and Experience: We prioritize the quality of coaching and the overall player experience over expensive kits and indoor turf training, which only increase costs and create an illusion of superiority. Our emphasis is on delivering exceptional coaching and a meaningful soccer experience for every player. All of our coaches are paid coaches who must complete our Academy training and are enrolled in ongoing coach training sessions

Players Seeking Advanced Instruction
United Soccer Academies is designed for players who are looking for a higher quality of coaching and instruction than what is typically found in House leagues or parent-run Travel teams. We are not designed for players that want to improve their game for House League once you join us you will surpass that level of play.

Soccer-Focused Families
Our academy is the perfect choice for families who love soccer and want to be part of a community that shares their passion. Here, players, families, and coaches come together to create a supportive and enthusiastic soccer culture.

At United Soccer Academies, we believe in fostering a love for soccer while ensuring every player has the opportunity to grow and succeed in a structured, professional, and inclusive environment.

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Our Coaches

United Soccer Academy is proud of its skilled coaching staff, all held to consistent high standards and fully equipped to deliver our curriculum to all players. Unlike other programs, we don’t outsource coach training but have developed our own coach training programs, ensuring our coaches are well-versed in our philosophy and methods. All of our coaches are paid coaches which ensures a higher level of quality and accountability. The coaching you will get at the Academy is on the whole a higher level than almost all local travel soccer programs in the area.

We commit to fairness by giving every player access to our top coaches, regardless of talent level. This approach, coupled with our in-house training, ensures quality soccer education and supports our dedication to equal opportunities for all players.

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Our Philosophy & Approach

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We’ve replaced the stress of tryouts with an open-door policy. We believe in giving every child the chance to improve and enjoy the game, not excluding them based on early performance. After all, development is a journey, not a race.

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We understand that planning is crucial for families. Our training sessions run at consistent days and times throughout the year, and schedules are shared far in advance. This includes all sessions and league matches, making it easy to manage soccer commitments alongside other activities.

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We welcome players of all abilities. Everyone will find their perfect spot in our program, where they are appropriately challenged and allowed to grow at their own pace. Plus, players can move groups throughout the year based on their progress and current needs.

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Our curriculum focuses on teaching players the universal principles of soccer. We also provide technical skills training, which is integrated into game situations wherever possible. We believe that learning soccer should happen through playing soccer, not isolated drills.

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The quality of our coaches is unmatched. All of our coaches complete the same ongoing training and deliver a principle-based curriculum with full support. We firmly believe in equipping our coaches with the tools they need to provide the best soccer education.

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Our approach focuses on unity and equality. We don’t attach labels to groups or players; everyone is considered an essential part of our team. Our philosophy emphasizes player development over early talent identification.

2023-24 Academy Fees

$100 Academy Joining Fee & League Fees

The joining fee is a one time fee of $100 paid to confirm your space on an Academy team it also pays for yourAcademy Kit Package (Academy practice shirt, Academy team shirt, shorts and socks) and pays your Academy Travel League Fees for Fall 2024 & Spring 2025. A Joining Fee Discount will be applied for 2 players $75 each and for 3 players $50 each

Annual Academy Training Fees

Your Academy Training fees  cover all indoor and outdoor practices sessions throughout the year. Whilst the fees are split into monthly instalment payments it is an annual fee you are committed to joining the Academy for the full Academy season from September to end of June

1 Player

$65/Month x 10 Monthly Instalments

2 Players

$55/Month Per Player x 10 Monthly Instalments

3 Players

$45 /Month Per Player x 10 Monthly Instalments

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