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Ball Mastery 1


Set up a grid where the players will do the activity, do not make the grid too large you want the players to have to keep the ball under close control. All Players will need a ball the goal is for the players to complete all of the ball mastery techniques whilst keeping their ball inside of the grid and not hitting any of the other players. When introducing the skills it should be done using Blocked practice first, followed by Serial practice and then Random practice. More info on these three phases is contained below.

Blocked practice in learning involves repeatedly practicing the same single skill in a consistent, unchanging environment. This method allows for focused repetition and muscle memory development, making it effective for initially learning and refining specific techniques.

Serial practice refers to practicing several different skills in a fixed order. Unlike blocked practice, where one skill is repeatedly drilled, serial practice involves a sequence of different skills, but this sequence remains consistent throughout the practice session.

Random practice involves practicing a variety of skills in a random order, rather than in a fixed sequence as in serial practice or repeatedly focusing on one skill as in blocked practice. This approach requires the player to adapt to different types of skills in an unpredictable sequence, closely mimicking the varied and spontaneous nature of real-game scenarios.


  1. Toe Touches
  2. Foundations – Tik Toks
  3. Drag Back Touch Forwards
  4. Foundations – Tik Toks Sole Of Foot
  5. Outside Of Foot Touch Drag Back
  6. V -Pulls Inside & Outside Foot
  7. Drag Backs Alternate Foot
  8. Sole Roles With Partner

Variations & Progressions

Add goals into your activity and after each skill or series players must go score a goal and then return back to the grid.

Once players have completed a skill they must dribble out of the grid and do the next skill outside of the grid then they will dribble back in to do the next skill

Set up two grids or more and have your players keep switching grids on your command. You can also have half your players start in each grid so they have to avoid each other as they switch grids.

In this version players must dribble out of the grid around a cone or you could use a line that they have to cross and then back into the grid inbetween each skill

Have players work in pairs to do the various skills. Each partner can take a turn making it onto mini relays and you can also add some passing and dribbling between them or switching of balls.