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Army Tag Rondo


Field Setup: Designate a playing area suitable for the number of participants, which can be a square, rectangle, or circle. Ensure there is enough room for players to maneuver around the perimeter and for the activity to progress as more defenders are added.

Teams: One player starts as the defender in the center of the area. The remaining players are evenly spaced around the edge of the playing area, with one ball between them.

Activity: The outer players aim to maintain possession by passing the ball around the perimeter, away from the central defender. When the defender blocks or intercepts a pass, the player who made the last pass joins as a second defender, and the activity resumes with the increased challenge. The round ends when only two players are left on the outside, with one or both winners starting as defenders in the next round.

Coaching Principles

The primary focus of this activity is on support and spatial awareness. Players must move dynamically to provide open passing options and to draw the defender away from the ball. The ability to quickly switch the point of attack is critical to maintaining possession under increasing pressure as additional defenders join the game.

Coaching Points

Strategic Movement: Encourage the outer players to constantly adjust their positions to maintain a triangular support shape around the ball. This positioning allows for multiple passing angles and helps to keep the defenders unbalanced.

Instruct players to anticipate the defender’s approach and to pass the ball to the opposite side to maintain possession. Players should be encouraged to use feints and body movements to misdirect the defender.

Emphasize the importance of quick passing. When a teammate is in an open space, particularly if they are farther from the defender, players should move the ball swiftly to exploit the space and keep the defender chasing.

Stress the need for communication, both verbal and non-verbal, to coordinate movements and ensure that the player with the ball always has multiple passing options.

Variations & Progressions

Start with two defenders in the center. If a pass is intercepted, both players from the pairing join the defense, which encourages players to work together to isolate and pressure the ball.

Remove the strict boundaries of the grid, allowing players to dribble and interchange positions freely. This opens the game up and encourages creative play and support from different angles.