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Drop Off - Pick Up


This is a fun dribbling relay race game played in teams of two or more. Try and keep your teams as small as possible so players get the most repetitions without too much waiting. If you have uneven numbers simply make players on the team with less players go more than once. All players start with a ball at the corner of the playing area. 

The first player in line dribbles their ball into the Drop Off Zone in the middle of the grid. They must stop their ball in the Drop Off Zone then they sprint back and tag the next player in line who repeats the task. The first team to have all their balls in the Drop Off Zone and are all back at their starting cone are the winners.

Once the players have Dropped Off all the balls in the Drop Off Zone you  can leave all the ball there and play the revers of this game which is Pick Up. The players start at their home cones without a ball. The first player sprints out collects a ball and dribbles back to the home cone they tag the next player who goes and Picks Up a ball and so on. First team to all have a ball back at the starting cone wins

Variations & Progressions

Tell the players how they must dribble the ball in the game. Is it right foot only or alternate foot? Make them use the sole of the foot, the outside of the foot or the inside of the foot.

Start with balls in the Pick Up Zone but you will have one or two more balls than you have players. The players will have to work quickly to get as many balls as they can the team who has the most balls at the end of the game is the winner

Coaching Points

Make sure you keep your ball nice and close as you approach the Drop Off Zone you don’t want to go straight through the Drop Off Zone. Slow down when you get closer to the Drop Off so you can get control and stop your ball.