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Academy Session 21

Field Setup: Create a square playing area suitable for a small-sided game. Mark each side of the square clearly to indicate the directional play for each team. Place one player from each team outside of the square on their respective sides: one blue player at the North and South ends, and one green player at the East and West ends.

Teams: There are two teams of five players each. Inside the square, three blue players face off against three green players in a bid to retain possession. Each team has two additional players stationed outside the square on opposite sides, aligned with the direction they are playing.

Activity: The three players from each team inside the square aim to maintain possession and score points by successfully passing the ball to their teammates positioned outside the square. The blue team scores by passing the ball from the inside player to their teammate on the North side and then to the one on the South side, while the green team scores by passing from East to West. The activity is continuous, with teams aiming to quickly switch the point of attack to their outside players while preventing the opposition from intercepting.

Field Setup: Set up a rectangular grid of appropriate size for the number of players and their skill level. Place a target player (red) at each end of the grid outside the playing area, who serves as the objective for the in-possession team to connect with.

Teams: Divide players into two teams of two (green and blue) inside the grid, with one neutral player who plays with the team in possession. The red players at each end of the grid are the target players.

Activity: The in-possession team (green or blue), along with the neutral player, aims to maintain possession and complete a pass to a target player at one end of the pitch. After successfully connecting with a target player, they aim to pass the ball to the target player at the opposite end to score a point. When the defending team intercepts the ball, they become the in-possession team and utilize the neutral player to attempt the same objective.

Create 5 Teams 4 teams are playing 1 team ready to come on when a team gets scored on