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4v4v4 Positional Rondo


Field Setup Outline a large rectangular playing area to provide ample room for the players to emphasize positioning. The dimensions can be adjusted to increase the difficulty level for the team in possession by making the space tighter.

Teams Form four teams of four players. Assign four green players as wide players on the rectangle’s sides, two blue players on each end to represent the goalkeeper (GK) and center forward (CF), and two additional blue players in the central area. Place four red players as defenders in the middle of the rectangle.

How To Play The blue and green players work to keep possession from the red defenders over a period of five minutes. After time elapses, rotate the teams so each group experiences a different role within the activity. Start out by playing this as a possession game where the objective is to keep the ball and complete as many passes in a row as you can.

Coaching Principles 

This exercise is designed to emphasize the concepts of width and depth in soccer, illustrating players’ positioning during various phases of the game. It focuses on maintaining possession with strategic use of space and player movement, mirroring the expansive nature of an actual match. This is also an excellent activity to help teach players about open body shape and facing the way theywant to play. 

Coaching Points

    • Spatial Awareness: Teach players to use the full width and depth of the field to stretch the defense and create passing lanes.

    • Movement and Positioning: Encourage players to maintain constant movement, offering support and options for the player in possession.

    • Transitioning Roles: Focus on the fluidity of players transitioning between offensive and defensive roles, maintaining the structure and discipline of their assigned positions.

Variations & Progressions

  • Directional Play: Introduce a rule where players score points by successfully passing from the GK to the CF, reinforcing the concept of vertical play.

  • Wide Play Requirement: Implement a constraint where the team in possession must connect with at least one wide player before progressing the ball to the ends of the rectangle.

  • Full Width Utilization: Further challenge the team by requiring them to use a wide player on both sides of the rectangle before playing the ball to the end players, promoting balanced and thoughtful distribution.