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2v1 To Targets

Coaching Principles

The main coaching objective of this activity is for the players to learn how and where to give support to the player on the ball. You want to focus on coaching the players off the ball to get into positions where the player on the ball can pass to them if needed. The target players must be involved and offer support also.

This activity can also be used to teach the principle of Width & Depth by having the 2 players in the middle of the activity position themselves in the wide areas making it more difficult for the defender to cover both of them. The target players create the depth in the activity.


Inside your playing area you will have a 2v1 match up with. The objective of the activity is for the two players in possession to keep the ball and play to one of the target players at either end of the playing area. You can make this game a 3v2 or 2v2 with a neutral players depending on your numbers and ability levels.

Once they have played to one of the target players they must get the ball back and try to score by playing the ball to the target player at the other end of the playing grid. As long as they keep the ball they continue to try to get the ball to the target players in an alternating fashion. If the defender steals or blocks a pass they get 2 points. Play for 2 minutes then rotate the players positions in the game.

Variations & Progressions

Once the team in possession has received the ball from one of the target players they can no longer play back to the same target player they must keep the ball and play to the other end

Coaching Points

Play Forward: Look to play forward whenever you can and get to the target player at the other end quickly

Target Players Move: Target players should be looking to move side to side to provide get open and for the player on the ball they should not remain static in the same place.

Open Body – Side On: Receive the ball with an open body position (side one) so you can pass or dribble forwards to the other target

Play Back Under Pressure: If you receive the ball with your back to where you want to go play backwards to an open player or the target player to keep the ball

Width: Use the width of your playing area to receive the ball. Get the defenders to come wide to create space in the middle