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1v1 To Endzone Multiple Players


Put your group of players into pairs, try and match players up with a partner of a similar ability level. One of the partners will start with ball in one of the end-zones their partner will start in the other end-zone. The objective of the activity is for the player with the ball to dribble their ball past their partner and get the ball into the end-zone under control (foot on the ball). If the partner who does not have the ball steals the ball they must try and get the ball into the opposite end-zone.

Every time one of the players gets the ball into the end-zone under control the players switch possession and the activity continues. If the players kicks the ball through the end-zone and does not have control of the ball their partner gets the ball.

Variations & Progressions

Switch up your partner match ups every couple fo rounds so players get to play against different players and players all get to play against their friends. Pay attentions to the match ups so you can start to pair players that are similar abilities.

In this variation the player must start with the ball in the opposite endzone with their partner on the edge of the endzone they must find a way to breakout of the endzone first and then get to the other end to score.

Players with the ball start in one corner and their partners start on the corner diagonally opposite to them.

In this variation the player with ball starts in the middle facing away from the endzone that they need to get to, their partner starts right behind them. The player with the ball must create separation before turning to face their partner or try to roll them so they can get to the endzone.

In this last variation make the activity a little more challenging by making the player with the ball have to get the ball into one endzone turn and then get to the other endzone without loosing the ball to score a point

Coaching Points

Change Speed: Have the attacker try a change of pace/speed. Show them how to dribble at the defender at one speed and then change speed when they want to try and go around or past the defender.

Unbalance The Defender: Have the attacker try to get the defender to commit to going one way by using a feint or a move and then when the defender commits to going to one side change direction and go the other way past the defender.

Variety & Experiment: Have the attacker try a variety of moves, feints and fakes to unbalance the defender and then change direction.