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1v1 Pass & Receive


Set up a playing grid and place several players on the outside of the grids each with a ball to their side they will be neutrals in the game and will be there to receive passes from players in possession and play passes in to players in possession. In the middle of the playing grid put players into partners one player has the ball the other player is trying to steal the ball. The player with the ball must keep the ball for a minimum of 5 seconds then they can pass the ball to any of the neutral players on the outside. Once they have passed the ball to one of the neutrals they must receive a pass from a different neutral and keep the ball from their partner for another 5 seconds before passing to another neutral.

If the partner steals the ball from their partner then they will be the player making and receiving the passes. Play for 2 minutes rounds then switch the neutrals with the players in the playing grid. Switch Partners also.

Variations & Progressions

In this version once the player has kept the ball for the minimum required time when they make a pass to one of the neutrals they then switch positions with the neutral. The neutral comes into the grid and the player that made the pass becomes the neutral 

In this variation the player will make a the pass to the neutral and then they must receive a pass back from the same neutral. To make it more challenging make the pass have to be a bounce pass or 1 touch pass.

Coaching Points

Dismark After The Pass: Look to get away from your defender immediately after you have passed the ball so you can receive a pass in more space and with a better body position

Check Your Shoulder: As you are going to receive a pass make sure you check to see where the defender is, how close are they? are they on one side or the other? This will help you decide how to receive the ball and where to take your first touch