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West Windsor Soccer Academy

2023-24 Academy Enrolment Information

Enrolment Now Open For 2023-24​

We are pleased to announce that the 2023/24 Soccer Academy season is on the horizon, set to kick-off this coming September. Enrolment is now open for new player applications. Spaces are very limited to ensure the quality of instruction and attention each player receives, we only have a total of 128 spaces available —  64 for boys and 64 for girls. Please read the Academy information below to understand what we provide, what we believe and how we operate. If you would to enrol your player for the next Academy year with us click on any of the Enrol Now button to start the process at the bottom of the page and secure your players space.

Welcome To United Soccer Academies

Welcome to United Soccer Academies, where passion for the game meets a dedicated coaching staff and a supportive community of players and parents. Our mission is to offer a unique, inclusive, and affordable football education experience that fosters a love for the sport while nurturing individual skills and team spirit. Our Academy model has taken over 10 years to develop and we now have multiple locations using our unique program.

At United Soccer Academy, we distinguish ourselves by creating a program modelled after the football season in soccer-focused nations, offering a continuous 9-10 month long season which runs in line with the school year. This allows our players to have a balanced and enriched sporting experience, developing skills and understanding of the game consistently throughout the year. To ensure the comfort of our players, our leagues take a refreshing break during the peak of the summer months, following the US system, which prevents the challenges of playing during extreme heat.

We provide a welcoming learning environment that prioritizes individual player development over winning, allowing your child to grow and enhance their abilities at their own pace. Our belief is that soccer should be accessible to all, not only those with exceptional talent or the means to join high-cost programs. As such, we’ve structured our academy to be an inclusive space for all young football enthusiasts who have a keen interest in the sport and a desire to improve their skills, irrespective of their level of ability. We’re not a short-term house league run by volunteers. Our Academy is a professionally run program with multiple locations, offering structured training programs, teams and leagues throughout the year, guided by certified and experienced coaches.

 Join us in our journey to redefine youth soccer training and experience a soccer academy that puts player growth, enjoyment, and love for the sport at the forefront. 


The Academy runs outdoors at Westgate Public School we plan to use Westgate School and John Atkinson Memorial Centre for indoor sessions


We do our best to keep practices and league matches as consistent as we can throughout the entire Academy year so it makes it easier for you to plan your schedule and any other activities you may have. Outdoors we run sessions on Monday and Wednesday each week with the majority of Academy Team League matches on Saturdays. When we move indoors players will get one session per week we are awaiting allocation of permits for indoors and will try to keep the days the same. All of our practices and matches are included in your Academy fees, you can choose which ones you attend. To play on an Academy team there is a minimum game commitment. 

Monday Practices

Times vary between 5.30pm and 8.30pm

Wednesday Practices

Times vary between 5.30pm and 8.30pm

Saturday Matches

Matches are played between 10.00am and 4pm full season schedule will be sent in advance

The Academy Year

A 9-10 month soccer season is the standard length in almost all countries where soccer is taken seriously. By following this structure, our academy aligns with a globally recognized and proven model for player development. This standard length provides ample time for players to learn, practice, and play, thereby fostering a comprehensive understanding of the sport. With a break during the summer months, we are adhering to the practice of many countries where the weather is not conducive to playing at the height of summer. This balance is vital to prevent burnout, keep the game enjoyable, and let players return refreshed and eager to learn.

September to November

Outdoor Sessions and League Matches

We kick off our soccer year in September with outdoor sessions, allowing players to make the most of the pleasant fall weather. During this period, we offer two mid-week sessions focused on skill development and tactical understanding.  In addition to these training sessions, players also participate in our Academy league matches on Saturdays. These games provide a platform for players to apply their newly acquired skills in a real game setting and experience the thrill of competition.

November to April

Indoor Futsal Sessions

As the weather turns colder, we move indoors for Futsal sessions from mid-October through to April. Futsal, the official indoor game of FIFA, helps sharpen individual skills as it requires precise control and tactical prowess. Players attend one Futsal session per week, offering them a unique experience that enhances their technical skills and game understanding.

April to End of June

Outdoor Sessions and League Matches

As the spring blooms, we return outdoors from April until the end of June. We continue with our two mid-week sessions focusing on a wide range of skills and strategies, coupled with our Academy league matches on Saturdays. This allows players to enjoy the game they love under the open sky while improving their game and enjoying competitive play.


Pick-Up Soccer Sessions

Even after our official program ends, the soccer fun doesn’t stop! In July, we offer weekly pick-up soccer sessions. These are casual games that provide players with a relaxed environment to continue playing and enjoying the game they love. This comprehensive year-round program offers a balanced mix of training, competition, and relaxed soccer games, providing players with a holistic soccer experience. We look forward to welcoming your child to our Academy and accompanying them on their exciting soccer journey!

Who Is The Academy For

We are currently accepting enrolment for boys and girls born between 2010 and 2017 for our United Soccer Academy. Spaces are incredibly limited as we accept only 128 players – 64 boys and 64 girls. Academy travel league teams start for players age 7 and up. Admissions operate on a strictly first-come-first-served basis, so it’s crucial to secure your spot as early as possible.

In our inclusive environment, the focus is on personal development and learning rather than purely on winning. We welcome everyone, irrespective of skill level, providing a supportive platform for those passionate about the game but who may not have found the right fit in other programs. Join us at United Soccer Academy, where we prioritize personal growth, skill development, and above all, a shared love for the beautiful game. At United Soccer Academy, we offer a unique model inspired by top soccer nations that provides year-round training with league play in spring and fall, ensuring players get a well-deserved break during the intense summer months. Our Soccer Academy has been carefully designed to serve the needs and interests of a diverse range of young soccer enthusiasts and their families. We warmly welcome players who:

Desire Year-Round Soccer

If your child loves soccer and wishes to play year-round, following a calendar similar to the model in most other soccer nations with league play in spring and fall and a summer break, our academy is the perfect fit.

Alternative to Costly Travel Soccer

For those who are passionate about soccer but aren’t keen on joining costly travel soccer programs, we provide a high-quality, affordable alternative.

Want Team and League Experience

We offer a wonderful opportunity for families that want their children to experience playing on a team within a league setting without the need for tryouts,  extensive travel or large expenses.

Learning & Development First

Our academy is a great fit for parents who value a learning and development environment over a winning-at-all-costs mentality. We believe that learning how to play and getting more opportunities to do so is more important at a younger age.

Value an Inclusive Environment

Parents looking for an inclusive environment will appreciate our academy. We don’t follow the ‘best with best’ approach, which usually focuses on accumulating the best players to win games. Here, every player is valuable, and everyone is given the chance to shine.

Love Soccer, Regardless of Skill

Our doors are open for players who love soccer but may not be at a high talent level and therefore feel left out of other programs beyond summer house leagues. At the Youth Soccer Academy, we provide a fantastic step up to develop your passion for the game.

What's Included at Our Soccer Academy

Our Academy is built on a balanced approach to player development, ensuring our players not only learn the technical skills but also understand the principles of how to play the game effectively. Here’s an overview of what players gain from their time at our Academy:

Principles Of How To Play

One of our weekly sessions is focused on practice-based learning, where we conduct a variety of activities or drills designed to teach players the fundamental principles of play. The complexity of these activities and drills is adapted to the age and skill level of the players, ensuring that the concepts are graspable yet challenging.

Game-Based Sessions

The second weekly session offers a more game-oriented experience, providing players with ample opportunities to put their learning into action. Teams are formed weekly and game formats are designed based on the objectives we want to achieve. This session is crucial for fostering real-game understanding and promoting learning in a playful yet competitive setting.

Skill Development

While we do teach skills, it’s important to note that they’re taught in the context of the game. For example, teaching a player to dribble around a cone may become redundant after a certain stage because such situations rarely occur in actual games. Instead, we work on enhancing players’ skills during activities and games where they can experience the skill in a realistic context.

For players desiring to further improve their technical skills, they can work on these independently outside of Academy practices. When we have a group of players together, we focus on fostering those unique group dynamics and learning experiences that can’t be replicated in solitary practice.

Leagues & Matches

Our league matches take place on weekends and serve as a platform to observe the application of the principles we’ve been teaching in a real competitive environment. While the players compete with a desire to win, our coaching staff maintains an unwavering focus on individual player development first and team play second. We don’t prioritize the match outcome over the growth and development of our players.

Playing on a team is an integral part of the Academy and the overall soccer experience we want to provide to as many kids as we possibly can. Many never get this experience as they are told they are not good enough. Read more about the league and teams below this is included for all players 2016 and older.

Screen Shot 2023-06-13 at 12.10.47 PM

United Youth Soccer League For Everyone

At our Academy, we’re proud to offer a one-of-a-kind soccer experience for youth in the Windsor Essex and Chatham Kent regions. Our Travel League operates with a focus on inclusivity, development, and a love for the game, and it distinguishes itself from other programs in several ways. We offer all players a chance to participate on our Academy teams in our Leagues and we give priority to those who want to fully participate. We feel that participating on a team with players from your Academy is an integral part of the soccer experience. Unfortunately far too many players are cut at tryouts in other programs and these kids never get the chance to have this experience this is why we decided to create our own leagues and change that.

Season Designed For Soccer

We are the sole program in the region that offers players a league in both the Fall and the Spring. This seasonal structure mirrors the practices of top soccer nations globally, avoiding the height of summer for more suitable playing conditions. 

Great Game Environment

Our game-day environments are designed to be positive and enjoyable, with a strong emphasis on respect between coaches and a spectator culture centred around enjoying the game.

Inclusivity No Tryouts

We pride ourselves on being fully inclusive, operating a Travel team league where all players get a chance to play and are placed on the most suitable team in the division that fits their abilities and needs. This inclusive approach eliminates the need for tryouts and ensures every player has an opportunity to develop their skills and experience the thrill of league play.

Custom Game Formats

We field teams across multiple divisions, offering a diverse range of competitive opportunities for our players. We control all aspects of the league, from playing formats and match lengths to the number of games, allowing us the flexibility to cater to the unique needs and development of our players. 

Player Development

Our Academy and Leagues are not designed to be the biggest or most populated; they’re designed for kids who love soccer and want to dedicate time to the sport. We strive to create a supportive community staffed with soccer enthusiasts, built for soccer players.

Recognizing the shift in attendance once summer begins, we aim to conclude our Spring league in early June, just before the hot weather and summer distractions kick in. This schedule maintains the quality of the player experience and allows for consistency in team dynamics.

Affordable, Minimal Travel

The cost of participation is kept to an absolute minimum. Players only need to pay for the cost of their uniform, with all other fees included in the Academy enrolment fees. Additionally, the furthest travel required for a game is approximately 25-35 minutes, reducing the burden on families.

All games are scheduled for Saturdays, with schedules and locations sent well in advance for convenient planning. Matches are played in Chatham, Tilbury, Lakeshore & Windsor with teams travel limited as much as is possible. To do this we use centralized venues when we can.

Our Coaches

At United Soccer Academy, we take great pride in our exceptional coaching staff. Unlike other programs, all of our coaches are held to same standards and we aim for consistency across the board. Coaches are not left to their own devices they are there to deliver the Academy curriculum equally to all players. We believe in investing in our coaches, which is why they are all paid positions, ensuring their commitment and expertise.

What sets us apart is that we don’t outsource our coach training. We have developed our own program tailored to our Academy’s philosophy and approach. This allows us to have full control over the training process, ensuring our coaches are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide a top-notch soccer education. We have developed an extensive coach training program, consisting of 60 lessons and ongoing on-field training. This program is specific to our curriculum and designed to ensure consistency in delivering our coaching principles.

In our commitment to fairness and equal opportunities, we allocate our coaches equally among all players at the Academy. This means that your child will have access to the best coaches we have, regardless of their talent level. We believe in an equitable distribution of coaching resources, providing every player with the opportunity to learn and grow under the guidance of experienced and qualified professionals.

Our Philosophy & Approach

At the Youth Soccer Academy, we pride ourselves on standing out from the typical soccer club in ways that prioritize your child’s development, enjoyment, and soccer education. Here’s what makes us different:

Unlike most other clubs, we provide year-round training and playing opportunities for all players, regardless of ability. We believe that every player deserves to enjoy soccer throughout the year, not only those selected for elite travel teams.


We understand that planning is crucial for families. Our training sessions run at consistent days and times throughout the year, and schedules are shared far in advance. This includes all sessions and league matches, making it easy to manage soccer commitments alongside other activities.

Our unique grouping system sets us apart. We group players based on their ability, understanding of the game, age, and social factors. We don’t believe in grouping players solely by birth year as it often fails to address the needs of advanced or beginner players.

We welcome players of all abilities. Everyone will find their perfect spot in our program, where they are appropriately challenged and allowed to grow at their own pace. Plus, players can move groups throughout the year based on their progress and current needs.

Our curriculum focuses on teaching players the universal principles of soccer. We also provide technical skills training, which is integrated into game situations wherever possible. We believe that learning soccer should happen through playing soccer, not isolated drills.

We’ve replaced the stress of tryouts with an open-door policy. We believe in giving every child the chance to improve and enjoy the game, not excluding them based on early performance. After all, development is a journey, not a race.

The quality of our coaches is unmatched. All of our coaches complete the same ongoing training and deliver a principle-based curriculum with full support. We firmly believe in equipping our coaches with the tools they need to provide the best soccer education.

Our approach focuses on unity and equality. We don’t attach labels to groups or players; everyone is considered an essential part of our team. Our philosophy emphasizes player development over early talent identification.

2023-24 Academy Fees

Joining Fee

A one-time joining fee of $50 per player is required upon enrolment. This fee includes the player’s academy uniform.

Annual Academy Fees

The annual academy fee is split into 10 equal monthly instalments over the Academy year to make access to the academy more affordable. We also provide discounts for enrolling more than one player see the monthly instalment payments below:
*First 30 Players to enrol will get the lower monthly fees in green below, only available for new players. Once first 30 players have enrolled the Academy fees will go up

1 Player



10 monthly instalment payments

2 Players

$55 Per Player/Month

$47.50 Per Player/Month

10 monthly instalment payments

3 Players

$45 Per Player/Month

$40.00 Per Player/Month

10 monthly instalment payments

Academy Team & League Fees

Players participating in our Fall & Spring leagues will pay an additional fee ($50 – $75) for their team uniform and additional operating costs. This fee is collected when the team uniform is collected. Participation on an Academy team in our leagues is optional however, priority enrolment is given to players participating in teams and leagues.

Academy Enrolment Process

1. Complete the Academy Application Form:
Begin by filling out the Academy application form. Ensure all details are accurate to ensure you receive all information from us and we check for the correct class for your player.

2. Space Availability Confirmation:
We will review your application form and confirm if a space in our 2023-24 Academy is available for your player. We aim to maintain high-quality standards by managing our enrolment numbers.

3. Invoice  With Terms & Conditions Of Enrolment
You’ll receive an online invoice for your joining. This invoice also contains our academy’s terms and conditions please take time to read them so you are fully aware of what enrolling at the Academy includes and what the expectations are. 

4. Academy Fees in Monthly Instalments:
The remaining 10 monthly instalments will be automatically collected on the first day of each month, from September 1st to June 1st. This approach is intended to make our Academy more affordable. You will be required to save a valid credit card to our online billing system and authorize the automatic collection of due payments. If you’d prefer to pay the full annual fee upfront, please reach out to us for arrangement.

5. Team Uniform and League Fees:
If your player participates in our Fall & Spring leagues, any additional team uniform and league fees will be collected when you collect your player’s team uniform.

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