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Junior Development Academies For Boys & Girls

Bring A Different Junior Soccer Experience To Your Area. Higher Quality Coaching For All Players. More Affordable. More Inclusive. More Accessible.

Use Our Academy System

We offer a complete business operating system, it includes a brand name, marketing and sales systems plus a complete system you can use to operate your new business. You receive the systems, training and ongoing support.

Our Academy system includes everything you need to start a Junior Soccer Academy for players age 5 to 14 and be successful in a shorter time. A United Soccer Academy franchise enables you to provide our development and player first approach to soccer in your community. 

Own and operate a Junior Soccer Academy business, delivering a unique, fun and exciting soccer experience to young players in your community.

The Benefits

  • Work part time or full-time in soccer earn extra income or make this your career

  • Change how Junior Soccer is delivered in your area deliver something more player centred

  • Be in control of how soccer is delivered to Junior players no need to answer to boards or committees, do what is best for the players

  • Set your own schedule work provide as many sessions as time permits or hire additional coaches to work at your Academy to provide more

  • Make a positive impact in your community, provide young players with a new choice and something different

  • You don’t have to go it alone, get ongoing support plus networking with other United Soccer Academy owners

Start Your Own United Soccer Academy In Your Area. Everything You Expect From A Franchise Except The Huge Franchise Fees

What We Provide

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Brand & Marketing

Use our established brand. Save time and money by having you academy brand identity established quickly. Leverage our shared 9 years of experience to gain customer confidence in your area.  Our marketing department is led by a marketing professional and we are focused on building awareness for all of our academies while providing local marketing support to you.

We provide professional, standardized marketing materials that are customized to include local information. We can also assist and deliver other customized campaigns for your academy location.

Website design, hosting and management is done centrally updates you you location page is included and leads are generated via the site for your location.

Pre Launch & Consulting

In the pre launch phase we help our new academies with:

  • Finding indoor and outdoor facilities to run your Academy from

  • Creation of an Academy launch marketing plan

  • Setting up branded social media and website presence for your location 

  • Coach recruitment plan and materials designed to attract new coaches to attend training and be part of your academy staff

  • Determination of Academy class sizes, capacity limits and age groups to target

London, United Kingdom - October 28, 2013: Local young players get ready for a Sunday match on Wansted Flats playing fields in London.
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Coach Recruitment & Training

Just as we believe in player development we also believe in developing our own coaches, this helps our Academies keep costs down as we do not need to hire expensive licensed coaches we create our own coaches who follow our coaching philosophy and curriculum with the players.

 We offer ongoing Academy coach training sessions, all sessions are listed on the central training calendar and coaches from any academy location can attend any sessions until they get certified.

Part 1 of our Academy Coach license is approx. 10-15 hours of online theory and application sessions. All sessions are delivered LIVE with one of our Academy instructors, the sessions are interactive and are designed to enable coaches to understand what we want to teach our Junior players and the challenges they will encounter in delivering our sessions.

Academy Development Model

Our Academy Development model has been created and updated over the past 9 years. The model incorporates many factors and elements which affect junior players development outside of the coaching and curriculum that is employed. 

Our goal is to create a fluid and optimum environment that meets the needs of each players as they progress through the stages at our Academies, we all know that learning is not linear and therefore nor should our groups and environments be.

Our Development Model details all of the elements that we feel are necessary to help develop young players into competent intelligent players. These elements can be dialled up or dialled down depending on what stage of development the player is at. The elements are all vital and need to be combined in order to maximize the development of all players at your Junior Development Academy. This is what sets you apart from clubs and community programs in your area.

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Academy Curriculum

Our curriculum that we provide covers the 3 stages of development that we have at our academies. The curriculum for each stage relates back to what we teach our Academy coaches in our courses.

Our goal is to equip players with the basic technical skills in stage 1 and get them into stage 2 as quickly as we can where they start learning the principles of HOW to play soccer.

The curriculum contains a core set of activities that help achieve the soccer learning objectives at each stage and these activities can be used to create session plans based on the principles that your coaches are working on with the players.

The most important thing is the curriculum enables the Academy and coaches to provide a standardized high quality experience for all players where all coaches are focused on teaching the same principles of how to play.

Lead Generation & Sales

One of the aspects of building a successful academy is generating inquiries and then managing those inquires through the sales process until the player registers with your academy.

We help you with initial marketing campaigns designed to generate inquiries and then we will show you how to implement our simple 5 step inquiry to sales process.

We work with our academies to set the pricing that is applicable for your academies market and your financial goals and you will get access to our unique registration and billing program.

Reykjavik, Iceland, July2019: soccer sports field with kids training for football in Iceland
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Academy Merchandise

Save yourself a lot of time effort and money by using our central ordering system for all of your academy training merchandise, uniforms and additional soccer gear for your academy.

We keep Academy training shirts in stock centrally so you can get the same low price whenever you need extra shirts rather than having to place a large order to get lower pricing. 

We also place orders for additional Academy gear and uniforms throughout the year the cost savings we get by bulk ordering is passed on to you as an Academy owner.

All Players Deserve The Best Instruction & Coaching Not Just The Top 10% Or The Families Who Can Afford To Pay More

Frequently Asked Questions

At a minimum you will need to put 5-10 hours per week into running your academy including running/overseeing sessions and some administration duties. As your academy grows you will need to invest more time or hire additional coaches and staff.

No not at all. It certainly helps to have a good background and understanding of the game and coaching experience never hurts!

The most important characteristics you need to make your Academy successful are a desire to work with young players and great communication and organizational skills.

There are two types of fees associated with a United Soccer Academies franchise. The initial franchise fee covers the setup costs of your Academy franchise business. This fee can be financed to help you get started.

Each Academy is also charged a monthly management fee for the ongoing support and new materials and programs you will receive to help make your business a success.

The monthly fees are calculated as a percentage of your Academy revenue on a sliding scale instead of a fixed fee, ensuring you pay fees that you can afford based on what you are making.

You don't need to own your own fields or facility though you will need to find access to a space where you can run your Academy. 

We help our Academies source and find indoor and outdoor facilities in their areas through a number of different avenues.

Support is ongoing for all of our Academies, we view this more as a partnership with you being the majority owner in the Academy. Its partially our responsibility to help ensure you have the best chance of success, so support never stops.

In the initial phase we will be communicating several times a week or whenever you have something you need help or advice on. We will be actively engaged in getting your first group of Academy coaches trained and up to speed on how to deliver our development model and curriculum at your academy. We will also be working closely with you to help you attract new players at your academy. 

Support will continue to be ongoing with additional coach training, marketing campaigns and initiatives and other community outreach programs. We want to work with you and your staff, we do not just do a little training and give you a curriculum and ride off into the sunset! It's an ongoing partnership as we grow we want you to grow.

Yes a United Soccer Academy can be implemented at an existing club or soccer program. The launch and integration is a little different than a privately owned United Soccer Academy franchise.

There a few different options that we have when it comes to implementing our systems and approach at an existing club, once we find out more about the size and structure of your club or program we can lay out the options and you can determine which route is best for your organization.

We can usually get a new Academy Franchise up ready to go within 2-4 weeks. As soon as you have facilities to run your Academy in place we can create an initial schedule, start recruiting coaches, commence coach training and start marketing to get new players into your Academy. We will work as fast or at whatever pace suits you.

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