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Invade The Circle

Set Up

Vary your size based on the number of players you have and their ability level.


This is a quick and simple activity to set up and incorporates working on the different aspects of a player Keeping The Ball, dribbling, changes of direction and hiding/shielding the ball.

There are also lots of ways to progress this activity and provide variations. To start out have  players with a ball at a cone on the outer perimeter and 1 defender starting in the circle. The players with a ball must get their ball into the circle under control to score a point. 

The defender must stop the attackers, steal their ball and get the ball to the coach by dribbling it to the coach or passing to the coach. As you progress the activity add defenders to make it more challenging.



Invade the Circle get into the circle keep your ball in the circle for 5 seconds then get back out to a cone on the perimeter.

Invade the Circle start inside the circle with the defenders, break out of the circle dribble around any cone on the perimeter and get back into the circle without losing the ball.

  • Start your attackers directly behind the cones so their starting move has to be around the cone.
  • Add more defenders to make the activity more difficult for the attackers.
  • Vary where you start your defenders. 
  • Start outside of the inner circle.
  • Start behind the attackers chasing them.
  • Start side by side with the attackers.

Coaching Points

Coaching Points

  • This activity is designed to work on a variety of different techniques that we want players to use to keep the ball whilst also incorporating different changes of direction

Coaching Questions

Q. When should you dribble and attack the circle?

A. When you have space in-front of you and no other players are blocking your way.

Q. How can you keep the ball from the defenders?

A. Dribble away to space, hide or shield the ball, change direction and trick the defender, dribble behind other attackers.


  • Use lots of cones to define your grid so your younger players can easily identify the boundaries of your grid.
  • Show players how to use the sole of their foot to control the ball especially if they are hiding/shielding the ball.
  • Show players how they can keep possession by shielding the and hiding the ball rather than dribbling at full speed.
  • Add more defenders as you progress the activity to make it more challenging.