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Windsor, Essex & Lakeshore

2023-24 High School Girls Soccer Academy & Competitive Team

The First Ever Fully Funded Competitive High School Girls Academy & Team All Girls Selected Pay Zero Fees, Uniforms, League Fees & Training All Included - Zero Fees

The First Ever Fully Funded Competitive High School Academy & Team

At the heart of our approach is an advanced, principle-based curriculum that intricately melds with a strong emphasis on honing individual technical skills—all set within a vibrant, high-performance environment that’s both fun and invigorating. Every player, regardless of their stature in the program, receives the same caliber of elite coaching and personalized instruction. Boasting over a decade of unparalleled excellence, our Junior Academies program stands as one of the most expansive and successful in the region. With four thriving locations and proprietary Academy leagues, our reputation precedes us. Our high school girls academy & competitive team program represent the culmination of our ambition: delivering a fully funded, high-performance team environment exclusively for high school girls.

Who Should Apply?

If you are a High School Girls 2007, 2008, 2009 love soccer, have a great attitude and want to play competitive matches through the Fall & Winter and into the Spring then we want you to apply. Our Soccer Academy & Competitive team will train from October through to June. We offer competitive league matches when others don’t, serving as a fantastic opportunity for those looking to continue their competitive soccer journey during this time period. We’re not in the business of dictating your soccer affiliations. Our primary concern is your growth, dedication, and love for the game. If you choose to make our program your primary or sole soccer experience, we’re thrilled! If you see us as an additional avenue to develop your skills, we welcome you with the same enthusiasm.

We believe in inclusivity and opportunity. No politics, no restrictions—just pure soccer. So, regardless of where else you play or train, as long as you meet our standards and share our passion, there’s a spot for you here.

How Can It Be Fully Funded?

Doubts are natural when faced with an unprecedented opportunity. Globally, it’s understood that the higher the level of soccer expertise, the less the player pays, often supported by professional clubs. While we may not have such professional affiliations, our ethos aligns with this principle. We are resolute in our belief that elite soccer training should be accessible to all talented players, irrespective of their financial standing. Thus, United Soccer Academies has taken the monumental step of underwriting the expenses for 16-20 outstanding players. Yes, a program that would conventionally set you back by $2,500-$3500 annually is now available at no cost. It might sound too good to be true, but we invite you to come and see for yourself. Try out, and become a part of this revolutionary journey.

Apply Today Only 6 Spaces Remaining

Get more info on the 2023-24 High School Girls Academy & Competitive teams, complete the form below to make your application and then we can arrange to get you out to one of our next open training sessions to meet our coaches and existing players. Spaces will be allocated as we receive applications and see players at training sessions.

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