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Finding Space & Getting Open Practice #9

2v1 Two Zone Game

3v1 Four Zone Rondo Game

4v1+1 Square Rondo

2v2 + Endzone Neutrals

Put your players into 3 pairs they will all play in the 2v2 part of the activity and will also play as the neutrals in the activity.

This is a 2v2 end to end activity. The 2 sets of partners in the middle are playing against each other to be the first to get to 5 points. To score a point the pair must get the ball to one of the neutrals in either end-zone. To score the next point they must get the ball to the neutral player in the end-zone at the opposite side of the pitch.

The neutrals must play the ball back to the team that played the ball into them. The other pair must steal the ball in the middle zone and get the ball to a neutral at then to score points also. 

Play to 5 points and then switch the neutrals for the winning team. Ensure everyone gets to play in the middle and as neutrals.