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Finding Space & Getting Open Practice #8

3v3 Back To Home Zone

Set up a pitch suitable for a small sided game  of either 3v3, 4v4, 5v5. Set out a Home Zone as shown in the diagram.

In this game the rule or condition is that when one of the teams wins possession from the other team they must first play the ball back to one of their players in their own home zone. To start the player can not be tackled when they receive the ball in the home zone.

Any of the three players can receive the ball in the home zone and they are safe until they dribble the ball out or pass the ball out.

Once they come out of the home zone they must stay out and join their teams attack. 

This game gives the players on the team in possession a chance to secure the ball and keep it and gives them time to get into their attacking positions.

4v4v4 - Square Rondo

Make your playing grid an appropriate size for the age and ability of your players, the grid should be on the larger side to start as you will want to give the players in the middle space to play. The players in red on the outside are there to provide support and create the overload.

This is a 4v4 game in the middle of the playing grid one team is trying to keep the ball away from the other team. Whichever team has possession of the ball can also use the four red players on the perimeter of the grid as additional players making it an 8v4.

Play to a number of points/passes or for a set time and then rotate the neutral players on the outside into the middle and one team from middle to the outside of the rondo.

2v2 - With Sideline Neutrals

3v3 You Must Go Forward

This small sided game is designed to encourage players to think forward and play forwards.

Set up a 3v3 game the rule or condition in the game is the player that gets the ball must keep the ball and go forwards before they can pass or score.

Players can not pass the ball backwards in this game, they must learn to hide/shield the ball, take the defender on 1v1 or look for a forwards pass. You can allow sideways passes to a wide player.

The goal of this game is to get the players thinking about going forward and attacking the space infront of them whenever they can.