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We Are Looking For Great People That Want To Work With Kids

Want To Help Us Change Junior Soccer Development?

We are looking for great people that want to coach great kids and be part of their development as a soccer player and a person. If you have prior soccer experience and knowledge thats a great start but if you don’t it doesn’t matter as we want to help develop you into a great Junior Soccer Coach. All of our coaches are given 100% support and go through our coach training course, work with an existing coach to begin and are given a structured plan to follow each week. Our goal is to make our Academy coaches life as easy as possible because we know you have lots going on outside of Soccer and we want you to be able to enjoy coaching not have it be a chore. Let us help you become a great coach and support you every step of the way. If we didn’t mention it we embrace parents that want to coach and be more involved parents are treated the same as all members of our Academy coaching staff.

Our Philosophy

Coach Training

Every coach completes our Academy Training Course which consists of approx. 10 hours of classroom theory and instruction and also 10 hours of on-field practical instruction. Our Academy course is specific to our curriculum and methodology at our Academies and is based around the universal Principles of Play. All of your coach training is provided Free of charge by United Soccer Academies. Ongoing training and resources are provided through your Academy Director and corporate training.

Coach Allocation

Our approach is different, we believe in having all of our coaches involved in coaching all of our players regardless of their age or ability. Our coaches work as a team and are responsible for the development of all players at our academies so they will rotate and work with all groups , all ages and all abilities. This ensures the best coaching resources we have are allocated equally and fairly to give every player the benefit of the best coaching we have to offer.

Coach Development

We believe in an approach where we look to maximize the potential of what every single coach can do and raise the standards for every coach rather than catering to the lowest level. Our goal is to try and raise the standard of our newest beginner coaches as quickly as possible. We want to ensure that every coach who is working with players at our Academy is following our Junior Development plan and providing a fun learning experience for the players.​

Coaching Pools

Our Academy coaching staff work as a collaborative team and are involved with as many players at different age groups as possible. This fosters a club atmosphere and gives players a chance to learn from all of our Academy coaches from top to bottom.

Standard Programming

All players in your Academy should get the same soccer experience that is designed to help them learn the game and improve. All players get access to the same programming. The program is designed with player development in mind not simply gaining registrations.

Training Groups

Our model uses Training Groups which allow players to experience different levels of challenge throughout the season. Players have the opportunity to train with a variety of players and at different levels throughout the course of the season not be locked into one group.

Equal Opportunity

We believe that we should be providing all players the same high standard of coaching and access to the same programs. Every player regardless of age, gender or ability should be able to participate in the same amount and quality of soccer as the next player.

Varied Game Formats

Game formats are not designed for the adult spectators or the coaches, they are used to provide the most enjoyment and best learning opportunities for the players. The game formats are designed to encourage learning the principles of how we play soccer and maximize player involvement.

Player First Team Second

Every player comes before the team. At the grassroots stage the focus must be on each individual player and developing their understanding of the key principles of "HOW" we play soccer, not on creating teams that win at any cost without using the key principles of HOW to play.

Every Player Deserves A Great Coach . . . You!

One of the biggest challenges to developing and helping more players improve at the game of soccer is ensuring that every coach involved with the players delivers a minimum level of coaching. At many soccer clubs the standard of coach a player gets is simply luck of the draw or based on how much a parent is able to play. Our goal at United Soccer Academies is to level the playing field and raise the standard of coaching provided for EVERY player. We do that by developing and supporting every coach that we work with, you are not left alone and expected to design sessions and manage everything yourself let us do that. We want to help you enjoy coaching!

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We will follow up with you and get you connected with the local Academy Director to set up a time to have a chat about you and how you would be able to help us deliver a great soccer experience for the players at our Academies.

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