Chatham Academy 2022 Outdoor Season

April Schedule

Location Outdoors

Chatham Christian School, 475 Keil Dr S, Chatham, ON N7M 6L8 

Starting Groups
Session 1
Boys 2015 – 2016 – 2017
Girls 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017

Session 2
Boys 2012 – 2013 – 2014
Girls  2011 – 2012

Session 3
Boys 2007 – 2008 – 2009 – 2010 – 2011
Girls  2007 – 2008 – 2009 – 2010

Schedule & Times

First Two Weeks April
Monday April 4th, Wednesday April 6th, Monday April 11th, Wednesday April 13th
Session 1 : – 5.30 – 6.15
Session 2: –  6.15 – 7.15
Session 3: –  7.15 – 8.15  

Second Two Weeks April
Monday April 18th OFF Easter, Wednesday April 20th, Monday April 25th, Wednesday April 27th

Session 1 : – 5.30 – 6.30
Session 2: –  6.30 – 7.30
Session 3: –  7.30 – 8.30

Academy Season Duration

Spring Start Date:  Monday April 4th
Spring End Date:      Wednesday July 20th
Summer Break:        July 21st to September 6th
Fall Start Date:          Wednesday September 7th
Fall End Date:              Wednesday November 30th

Dressing For The Weather

To start out in April we are going to have a few cold and chilly nights of practice. For hose who are not used to this we advise dressing according to the weather and temperatures if its cold and windy please dress your player in leggings under shorts or sweatpants, also wear a sweater or wind breaker. The most important things to wear in colder weather is a Hat/Toque and Gloves this will help keep your player warm.

What Your Player Needs

  1. Soccer Cleats/Boots
    You will need soccer cleats for practices and games. For new you can try SportChek. Alternatively you can find lots on Facebook Marketplace. We will also be organising a Soccer Cleat/Boot exchanges where you can drop off any used cleats/boots you have outgrown and pick up any pair we have that fits for Free, we will try to arrange this in the first week. 

  2. Soccer Ball For Practices
    Players will need to bring their own ball to practices. We always bring a bag with us for anyone who forgets theirs but players should bring their own as many activities require each player to have a ball.

    Recommended Ball Sizes Are
    Age 5-7 = Size 3
    Age 8-11 = Size 4
    Age 12+ = Size 5

    Below is a link to SportChek Soccer balls you do not need to spend a lot on a ball the Puma ball for $14.98 is perfectly fine;page=1;sort=price 

  3. Shin Guards/Pads
    This is something I would shop online for as you can usually find some good clearance deals on them below is a link to shin guards online at SportChek they have some clearance items from $6

Academy Parent Expectations

  1. Parents are not permitted on the field of play. Only coaches, players and staff are permitted on the field. A designated area will be set up for those who wish to stay and watch.
  2. We ask that spectators do not shout or give instruction to players while they are in a practice or playing a game. We are not saying you should be silent but there is a big difference between yelling instructions at a player and cheering or giving positive feedback after they have done something well. Shouting instructions at a player only distracts them and takes away their focus it also deprives them of learning how to make their own decisions. Furthermore many times what we hear adults on the sideline shouting at their players is the complete opposite to what we are trying to teach them. So please work with us and support your coaches by letting the players play, let them make their own decisions in a pressure free environment. We will be communicating with you what we are working on with your players so you can support them and cheers when you see them making great decisions and plays on the field. Coaches and parents are a team, we can both help the players when we work together.
  3. Drop Off or Stay?
    For our younger players 2015/16/17 we completely understand that you want to stay and ensure your young player is ok. We also ask that you try and keep a little distance and allow them to participate without being distracted as it makes our job coaching a lot easier when the young players are not constantly engaging with their parents and are focused on coaches and the activities.

    For our older players 2014 + we encourage parents to feel free to drop your player at practice and return for them at the end of their practice. This helps players build independence and also increases their level of focus and attention at their practices.

    Game nights are different stay and watch your player!!!

Player Groups

Please be aware that we do not use year of birth year as a main factor when creating training groups or teams. We start by grouping players roughly by years of birth and as we go we move players into groups that matches their ability level and understanding of the game.

This is done so to make coaching easier and more effective for the players. It means we can teach the same techniques, principles and ideas to the group rather than some players finding it far too easy and some finding it too difficult.

So please do not be overly concerned what group your player is in to start and please also realize that height and size are not a great factor when grouping players as these do not relate directly to ability or understanding.

Groups are fluid and you will see your players training and playing with a variety of players throughout the season. Making sure players have a variety of levels of play and challenge is a key factor in how they develop and learn. Groups that are static and only based on year of birth do not work for the majority of players.

Creating the ideal groups that benefit the most players is not something that easy and it takes time. One of things we are constantly doing is evaluating players and discussing if they are in the correct group. Development and improvement are not linear they do not follow a straight line its really and up and down process.

Grouping players in soccer is not like school. All children start school at the same age and at a similar level. In soccer we have 8 year olds that are playing for the first time ever with a ball and we have 8 year olds who have been playing since they were 4 and have grown up in a household with soccer parents and siblings, these players need different attention and need to be in different groups.

So please be assured we place players in the groups that we feel best fit their needs and we deliver the training that will help them improve as an individual. When they are ready we will move them up to the next level. If you ever have concerns about your player and a group they are in please book a time to speak with the Academy Director and we will talk with you about your ideas.

Weather Policies & Cancellations

Please note if you do not get a notification of a cancellation then your session is on. Please do not text right before a session as its likely I am en route to a practice driving or i am at a session setting up or in a session coaching and won’t be checking my phone to answer texts. If a session is cancelled we will alert you!

Thunder & Lightening

If there is thunder and lightening heard and seen while a practice/game is underway the practice/game will immediately be suspended. The thunder and lightning does not have to be directly overhead to be a threat.

Lightning can travel 10 to 12 miles from a thunderstorm. This is often farther than the sound of thunder travels. That means that if you can hear thunder you are close enough to a storm to be in danger of being struck by lightning.

So if thunder and lightning are detected the session is halted and we must with 20 minutes with no further thunder or lightening to resume. If you feel there is a chance of thunder and lightning and do not want to come to a session and then it be cancelled we encourage you to make the call yourself. 

If thunder and lightning have started and are in progress prior to a session starting you will receive a text notification that it will be cancelled.


Raining prior to the start of a session

If the rain is substantial enough and is set to continue throughout the majority of your session we may cancel the session and you will receive a text notification. 

Typically if its is raining we do not practice with the youngest age groups.

If the rain is light to medium we will practice with older players.

If rain is substantial we do not practice with any players

If a session is going to be cancelled due to rain we will send a text alert to all parents on the text list, if you are having someone else bring your player please alert them. We do not cancel sessions based on predicting the weather!!! If you feel its is going to rain and do not wish to come please feel free to make that call yourself we understand some of you drive a distance to attend and don’t want to arrive and then have a sessions cancelled.

Poor Or Unplayable Field Conditions

If we have extended periods of rain and fields have standing water or are unplayable we will notify you ahead of time of a cancellation. One thing we are mindful of is protecting the future condition of the fields at the schools and facilities we play at. In order to continue to have good working relations with the facilities we will do what is best to preserve their fields.

Notifications Are By Text If Sessions Are Cancelled We Don’t Have The Ability To Send Emails, Or Make Social Media Posts Once At Sessions. If Session Is Cancelled In Advance You Will Receive And Email, Text and You Will See Notification On Facebook Pages. 

Uniforms & Practice Kit

Practice shirts, Academy Team shirts, shorts and socks (for those who ordered) should be available for purchase and pick up on Wednesday 6th April we are not going to do this on the first night as its a little busy for us getting underway, meeting all the new players and parents and getting things kicked off. Payment is CASH ONLY please and thanks with the volume of players we now have this is the simplest system that ensures we know you have paid and received your gear, trying to manage 100’s of different payments is a difficult process. So please Cash payment and pick up your gear. Graphic below outlines what each players needs and the cost of items.

Academy Development League/Festivals & Teams

Academy Travel Leagues & Festivals run in the Spring (April to end of July) and in the Fall (September to December) there are a total of 6 events in Spring for our older players and 3 Festival Events for younger players in Spring and Fall. New Academy Travel teams are formed in Spring and Fall. We will be creating teams in the middle of April once we have been able to see all players and see what level they play at and what division will be the best fit for them. All Players Are Assigned To Play On An Academy and represent the Academy please note the dates listed below and do what you can to be available to play on these dates we do not charge any additional fees to play on our Academy teams or in our league its inclusive for every player.

We do not believe in running tryouts and only selecting the perceived best players for teams as that does not help improve the most players possible which is our goal. We believe every player should be given the opportunity to play. Selection to teams based on ability can wait until they are older. We believe all players should be part of a team and have the experience of going somewhere new to play a different team that’s the enjoyable part for kids.

Teams will be created using a balanced and social approach taking into account ability and understanding of the game. Teams will then be matched up and placed in an appropriate division for their level of of play and stage of development.

  • All players will get equal playing time.
  • All player get an opportunity to play a variety of positions. 
  • Individual coaches are not assigned to teams. 
  • Our academy coaches will manage the games. Our coaches are interested in all players development and play not just those on one team.
  • Game formats will be designed to allow the maximum number of players to play, while being appropriate for the teams playing and their understanding of the game and their developmental needs.
  • Adult behaviour on sidelines is policed and standards enforced in order to create an enjoyable environment for the players where they can make their own decisions on the field, implement what they are learning and be creative.

League & Festival Game Dates