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2v2 Plus Sideline Neutrals

Set Up

Set up a small sided pitch appropriate for the age and physical ability of your players. One key factor in your pitch set up is to not make the pitch too wide, you want the sideline neutrals to be able to make a pass across the field to each other. You want every player that has the ball to be able to have 3 passing options.


In this game we a 2v2 game to goals with two sideline neutrals. The two sideline neutrals play on the side of whichever team has possession of the ball. 

If you are playing with younger players you may want to simply make it a 4v2 to simplify the game for them.

Switch your two sideline neutrals every 4 or 5 minutes or switch them into the game every time a goal is scored, make sure everyone gets to play all roles within the game.



  • Sideline neutrals are not to be tackled once they get the ball they are safe on the outside of the field. Players can not leave the field to tackle them.
  • The two players in possession of the ball must involve at least one of the sideline neutrals before they can score.
  •  Give additional goals or points if the team in possession can use both sideline neutrals before scoring

Coaching Points

Coaching Points

  • One of the goals of this activity is to help teach the 2 players on the field how to use depth in the game.
  •  One common mistake you will see is when the team has possession of the ball they will spread out in a line on the pitch level with the sideline neutrals making it easier for the defenders and also taking away a passing option as you see in the diagram below.

Coaching Points

  • The sideline neutrals automatically provide the width for the 2 players in possession at all times based on where they are located.
  • Show the two players in possession how to have one player go high down the field and one player stay back deep. This will help them create more passing options and ways to play through or around the 2 opposition players.