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2v1 - Two Wide Gates

Set Up

To begin give your players lots of space so they can have initial success then you can reduce the size of the activity to make it more difficult.


Put your players into groups of 3 and select one player who will be the defender. The pair of players will start with the ball the objective is for them to score in either of the two wide gates. To score one of the players must get the ball through either gate.


The objective for the defender is to steal the ball from the pair and then dribble over the line where the pair started. 

  • Have the players start together centrally with the ball so that they have to disperse from each other and find space.
  • Switch which player in the attacking pair starts with the ball as you want them to both have a chance to be the ball carrier and the supporting player.


  • Variations for this activity would be to change where the two attackers start with the ball. This will give them different game situations and bring about different movements and solutions to the activity.

  • In addition to changing the point of attack you can add constraints as to whether they have to pass to their team mate. Add a constraint that the ball must be switched from one side of the pitch to other at least once before the pair can score.

  • You can add a constraint and determine before the play starts which player has to score.

Coaching Points

Coaching Points

  • To start with give the players very little if any instructions or coaching on this activity, just give them the objective of the activity and see how they go about solving the problem.
  • Focus on helping the player who does not have the ball find space and stay open.
  • Encourage your players to use each other to solve the problem and not let this simply become 1v1 to two goals activity.

The receiver will run too far down the field so the angle of the pass is no longer on.

  • Show the receiving player how to remain in an open position for their partner.
  • Show the receiving player how to get wide and then hold their position until they get the pass.

The two attackers will stay too close to each other so that the defender can cover both of them at the same time.

  • Show the two players how to create space between themselves and the defender.
  • The player without the ball should always try to stay as far they can in an open position from the defender.

The player with ball will simply try to beat the defender 1v1 every time and not use their partner.

  • Make your two players have to combine with at least one pass or both of them touching the ball.
  • It is better for them to try and combine and fail than it is for the player with the ball to go 1v1 every time.

The attackers will get to one goal and be covered by the defender but will continue trying to attack that goal.

  • Show your attackers that they can score in either goal. If one goal is covered and there is no space they can play back to space and go attacker the other goal.
  • The goal is to score in either goal. If one goal is covered and there is no space to attack reset your attack and try again.