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1v3 Escape The Square

Set Up

Set up a 4 yard by 4 yard square to start out, you can adjust the size as you progress to make the activity harder or easier for the attacker in the activity.
Make the area bigger to make it easier for the attacker and reduce the size to make it harder for the attacker.


In this activity one player start with a ball in the middle of the playing area they have to dribble out of the square to win a point. The three other players have to stop the player dribbling out of the square and force them to stay inside. The three players have to work together to also cover the empty side of the square any defender who is adjacent to the open side can move to cover that side and stop the player with the ball getting out. The defenders can not come into the square to take the ball from the attacker. 



Change where the attacker start with the ball to give them different challenges. Put a time limit on the attacker to get out of the square.

Allow one of the defenders to come into the square to challenge the attacker with the ball.

Reduce the size of your playing grid to make the game more difficult for the attacker with space and time.

Change the shape to a triangle so there is a defender guarding every side giving the attacker more of a challenge.

Coaching Points

Coaching Points

  • Encourage the attacker with the ball to try and dribble and look around at the same time so they can identify where the open side of the square is.

Coaching Points

  • Have the player with the ball attack the open side of the square with pace when they see an opening.