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1v1 To Two Wide Gates

Set Up


This  is a 1v1 activity designed to have players work on beating a defender laterally and and then running into space when the opportunity is there. 

One player start with a ball 10 yards away have the defender start midway down the pitch in the centre to begin, you will vary the defender/attacker starting point later.

The player with the ball must keep the ball, beat the defender and dribble the ball between either of the two wide gates and get the ball under control. If the defender steals the ball they must dribble the ball over the attackers starting line to win a point.



The easiest way to extend this activity and vary it to give the players a different challenge in the activity is to vary the starting points of the defender and the attacker with the ball.

Make the activity easier by locating the defender on one side of your grid, then you can also put the defender close to the attacker to their side and immediately behind them, this gives both the attacker and defender different problems to solve.

Coaching Points

Coaching Points

  • Have the attacker try and identify which gate is more open and then attack that gate not the defender
  • If the defender comes across to cover the gate the attacker is trying to dribble through then encourage the attacker to change direction and go for the other gate which will be open, they can do this multiple times until they get an open gate
  • Have the attacker try and combine a change of speed with a change of direction to beat the defender
  • Have the attacker try dribbling directly at one gate, fake a change of direction to commit the defender then continue to the original gate

Coaching Questions

Q. What techniques can you use to change direction form side to side?

A. Stop, drag the ball back then change direction into space. Fake to go one way without the ball then dribble at speed the other way

Q. When should you keep the ball really close and under your control?

A. When the defender is close and blocking our path to the gate

Q. When should you dribble the ball forwards with some speed and attack one of the gates?

A. When the defender goes to one side and you have open space and a direct line to one of the goals …. go for it!

Q. If the defender comes across and blocks your way to one of the gates what could you do?

A. Switch direction and try and attack the other goal. Fake to go to the other goal then continue to the original gate.



The attacker will simply dribble right at the defender in the middle of the pitch.

Encourage the attacker to identify which gate is more open and then have the attacker dribble at the gate to draw the defender to one side

Attacker will dribble to one gate and when the defender covers that goal they will not switch direction to attack the open gate.

Show the attacker how they can change direction to attack whichever goal is not being covered by the defender, they may have to use multiple changes of direction to find a way to get to the open goal or make the goal become open

Defender will just tackle or kick the ball away and forget to steal it and try and play to the coach for a point.

Remind the defender that the goal of the activity is not only to stop the attacker scoring but for the defender to win possession of the ball and keep it.