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1v1 Games


Classic 1v1 game to two goals no conditions. Have 3 players per pitch, switch a player every time a goal is scored or every 3 minutes.

Use A Wide Channel

In this game we promote use of the wider areas of the pitch rather than just trying to go directly down the middle to the goal. Before a player can score they must dribble the ball into one of the two blue wide channels.


Short & Wide

This 1v1 uses a different pitch set up where the pitch is very short but wide. This encourages players to beat their opponent by using the space to the sides rather than just pushing the ball past them and running after it.

Long & Narrow

This 1v1 pitch set up long and narrow encouraging players to run with the ball and use a change of pace/speed.


Back To Back Goals

This pitch features back to back goals with a space in between. The player with ball can beat their opponent using any space they want including dribbling through the two goals to get into their opponents half.

Offset Goals

This 1v1 has offset goals offering the players another different space to play in and experiment with. They will need to either go diagonally or use the space and cut back to the goal.


In & Out

This is a great game if you do not have a lot of space or equipment and follows a 3v3 basketball style rule where the player must start outside of the purple zone then try and score. If the defender wins the ball they must first dribble out of the purple zone before they can come back in and attack and score.


Coaching Points

Coaching Points

  • Shoot early when you can see the open goal, don’t dribble it in
  • Beat your opponent before trying to score

Coaching Points

  • Use changes of directions to beat your opponent 
  • Use a change of speed once you have unbalanced or beaten your opponent


  • Change your match ups frequently
  •  Play short quick games
  • Use “Winner Stays On” to rotate players in and out frequently